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C Of the [purposes] of Procedure

application of punishment improper in Specie.
3. continuance of a part of the mischief of the offence.
4. total impunity of delinquents: 5. partial
impunity of delinquents. 5. 6 superfluous punishment
3. Total want of redress on the part of persons partially injured: 4. partial want of redress on the part of persons injured:
of delinquents. 6. 7 unjust punishment of
persons innocent. 7 6. 8 unnecessary vexation of persons inno- strangers: [+] 8. 9
[+]under which head the
most obvious which
is that of expence.

superfluous trouble of persons in authority or others concerned
in the management of the procedure.
To p. 27 at

The comp And to the class made for comprehending the of complex or secondary inconvenience
Complex inconveniences.

to which a system of procedure is liable,
they seem to be reducible to those two: [+] 1. delay: 2. unnecessary intricacy.
[+]1. application of punishment improper in Specie. of kind.
I find but one to . I mean
formality. & offence.
1. Delay, what
that of delay. By Delay (meaning unnecessary delay) is to be understood the
employing of more time about the business of
procedure [+] than is necessary for compassing attaining the ends, that is for the guarding
+or in other words suffering a longer interval to elapse between the commission of the offence and the conclusion of the procedure steps to be taken for restraint or punishment
against the several simple inconveniences, above-mentioned.
This article circumstance will affect the interests of
different classes of persons and be productive
of different articles in the above catalogue
of simple inconveniences, according as to
it affects this or that stage of the prodecure. which it affects.


In the first place suppose let the person suspected
Inconveniences it produces 1. when the party is guilty
to be guilty. In this case if the offence is as yet in
agitation, delay it is evident increases the chance
of it's not being prevented; in other words the danger
of it's taking place. If the offence is actually

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