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12 C
Of the [purposes] of Procedure

NOTE continued

-parent connection between the mischievous offence
considered as a cause, and the punishment considered
as being the effect of that cause: And But
I must confess that I do not see much in this
independent of the other considerations that have
been alledged. For the pains offence, let the punishment
follow ever so closely be inflicted ever so soon after the offence,
it can do no more than appear to be
the effect of it: and that it will appear equally
to be although it should take place till ever
so long after. At in England, Andrew
Horne Esquire was hanged for the murder of a
[+]Annual Register Vol.
child committed 22 years before.[+] Being
hanged executed then with the formalities of justice,
it was plain enough to every body that he
was not hanged for nothing: and if any body enquired asked
what it was he was hanged for, they would learn learnt
of course that he was hanged for child-murder.
[+] Here indeed the great interval
that took place,
the delay, was between
delinquency and detection;
but had it been between prosecution
commenced and
execution, it does not
appear that in this regard
to the point in question
respect the there would
have been any very considerable difference.

Of course it must be manifest that the offence
which he committed was the cause of his
being punished: and that not less manifest, one should
think, than if the murder had been committed
but the day before.[+]
End of the Note

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