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Judges Numbers Judicial Estab.

just merely because it was the decision of the
House of Commons, till the House grew ashamed of
it and reversed it of themselves. In the same country
there are doubtless How many, who now that the House
of Lords have decided that on an a Impeachment before
there in a cause of three years length+,
+twenty different
transactions of different nations carried on
between different persons
in different places and
at different times are
further rules of perspicuity

the histories of ten crimes or pretended crimes
are in order to enable them to see their way to
better through a long cause to be jumbled into
one, will be are satisfied that it is a right
one because it is the decision of the House of
Lords: and the decision of the twelve Judges
would carry many an absurdity through the pub-
-lic with a facility which would not be experienced
experienced by the decision of a single Court or
a single Judge. This in the preceding page.
With From these same
persons decision
The single opinion
of a Chancellor
without effect could it
be supposed that a
if a Chancellor
standing single would
have thought proper
to give such as
one would could not be
expected to have
equal weight with them to
meet with equal deference.

Numbers then assist a Judge in overbearing
the authority of public opinion. A single Judge
finds has no force to oppose to that authority but
his own. He puts a watch upon himself becomes cautious in consequence.
And Others however may still think that if the first object
had been to screen guilt from punishment altogether, and
the second to substitute to the punishments due to twenty
crimes the punishment due to one, by confounding all
impressions marks left by the traces of and leaving it impossible to the most
athletic memory to hold grasp any story beyond the last a more
promising expedient could not have been devised.

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