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Judicial Estab.
Judges Numbers

With a multiplicity of Judges you must
either forego the an indispensable a necessary security for probity
as well as caution or pay for it in delay at an enormous
This delay will be
enormous unless the
practice of giving
reasons is up
which is an indispensible
safeguard to

rate. No man ought to be suffered to act in
the character of a Judge who does not make it hold himself
a rule to himself on all contested points to
ground his opinion upon reasons. But for Without this
assistance the tribunal of public opinion is a
fault for want of evidence. Subjective to this
obligation improbity or indolence must either
give up their objects or see themselves betray'd
by absurdity too gross to pass for genuine.+
+What is more, but for without
this and, judicial decisions,
though clear free from
suspicion of improbity or
unskilfulness, can scarcely
keep up with the sense of se-
-curity. Unless the ground
of a decision be known,
especially when the rule
of conduct rests upon the
obscure footing of common what is
law called unwritten law
expectation finds no guide
and the same a question after being
may be receive opposite
decisions in a perpetual
alternative -
and men have no assurance
but that the same
question may at any time be receiving
opposite decisions in perpetual

But for the same reason you impose apply this
check and this spur to one, you impose it upon must apply
it to all. Here then if you have twenty Judges
you have on every occasion twenty speeches of
which mention will commonly be of no use.
Time will certainly be saved, in as far as a
succeeding speaker may think fit to adopt
and refer to the argument of his leader predecessor:
but this sort of economy will find in the selfishness of vanity
as well as in the virtue of veracity two
powerful opponents. Distinctions will be taken,

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