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Judicial Estab.

The office of chancellor

The example of the Chancellorship would alone
30 The reputation of the Chancellor's Court has been always at least equal to that of every other, notwithstanding so many cases of corruption as he is confined to suffice to prove the superior performance due to unity
when guarded by publicity and to show effectual
a preservative the united combined virtue of those principles
affords against the most powerful <add> potent</add> causes motives of corruption.
Combining in one office Uniting to in the of all principles and
in spite of continual all inconvenience, a seat in
the Cabinet, the station of Speaker and Manager
for the Crown in and of the House of Lords
the disposal of a vast map of Ecclesiastical patronage
and with the highest office in the judicial
department and the chief share in the patronage of
the rest, all this conni recompensed with immense
instruments and the whole dependent on the
of the Crown, it has a as old
again as the establishment of the constitution exhibited
a course of unvaried probity equalled by in few
instances and capable of being exceeded in none.

It has maintained itself upon a footing equal to
for nothing for this century past could well could have been superior to the two
Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer each consisting
of four Judges. Yet in those Courts the authority
of the professional Judges so called is checked by that of
the bodies of occasional Judges called Juries: the sole superior
Judges of those two Moor Counties are in a state of perfect Judge
independence; the sole superior

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