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Judicial Estab.
Judges Numbers

Judge of the Superior Court of Chancery is removable without cause assigned at the pleasure of the Crown: Chief
totally unconnected with what is called politics: be a
slave to politics.

That the principle efficient cause of virtue of probity lies in nature
31 Notwithstanding the diversity of characters among Chancellors of the state station situation as above described that is in
the efficacy of the united principles of unity and publicity
of situation as evident from all history. Within
the memory of more Chancellors of all characters have
the seats of have passed through every imaginable of hands
figured in passed across the stage: some drunken some sober
some men of gallantry, of loose others of correct manners some men of correct manners:
some attached to money, others easy about others indifferent to money
some many above the ordinary level in point of talents,
some below it: some immersed in politics, others
keeping aloof from politics: yet in all of them
without reproach upon the bench. The same man
by a brand of political miracle may even be
observed uniting under one rule in one person two repugnant natures characters:
natures: suspected of partiality and servility in the
Court where he sits with multitudes: looked
up to without a particle of suspicion in the Court
where he sits alone.

What party man is there on the opposition side
who looks not on the Chancellor as on at this moment as the Advocate rather
than the Judge of the Hustings? Yet what man is there
in the kingdom who if he had twenty thousand depending
in the Court of Chancery would give sixpence in the
of favour or enmity party or personal to see D Thurlow replaced by any
a man who could come in confrontation with him for the officer+
+The reader here will not forget the destruction I set out with behavior probity itself and the reputation for probity: and how little it is in the power of probity in a party cause to a reputation for that virtue with the opposition party may be left to any one to judge.

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