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3 Judicial Establishment Obs . Tit. XII

15 by the public have been thus appointed instead under the name of Committees of assistance As weakness must have be assisted assistance from some
quarter or other or perish, and minds faculties
which are fo strong enough in other lines - may fail men
be found weak feeble in the paths of law, those who
have forbid mercenary advocates chosen by the
party have appointed public officers who receiving
a salary from the public are required to bestow give
their asssubsistance gratis to individuals without farther

16 This be the legislation which was the object of it. Where the sole object of legislation is to satisfy
the mind of the legislator, an arrangement of this
sort seems well enough adapted to its end. The
continuance of the officers in this their station depending
upon the legislator, if their conduct in it is not
satisfactory to him they will not stay in it. This
was precisely the object with Frederic the 2d of
Prussia, and the only one. It was plainly his interest
and of that were worth considering his duty
to keep his po cattle of all sorts as well two legged
as four-legged in good care: but to suppose it it
possible that the cattle should understand in any
case instance what was the best pasture for them as well
as he was an would be absurdity as great in regard to the
one sort of cattle as the other with regard to both
sorts of cattle be an absurdity equally untenable.

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