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Judicial Estab. Tit. XII

In this Prussian exclusive <add>system of dark <add>dreary exclusion</add></add> discipline we see monopoly

itself out-monopolized. The abuses of the present French
and English systems are as liberality in comparison
of this corrective. There we have see monopoly
indeed, but beneficial to those by whom
and for the sake of whom it was created, and that
a loose one too having many sharers. Here we
have a tight monopoly which is beneficial to
nobody and least of all to the monopoliser.

The declared object of this institution was 22 This was about any the enemy
without doubt the real one: it was to check the spirit of chicane.
But The means are as inadequate as the The object was laudable: the means unhappy, unfortunate, unhappily inadequate.
object end is laudable. Attacking effects and leaving
causes is beginning at the wrong end. Sweeping
away maggots is no stop to putrefaction: they
do not breed it: it is that which breeds them.
Make your laws good, and then bid lawyers do
their word: they laws are not good if lawyers man can can make
them otherwise. Give no reasons says Cocceiji
to your laws: if you do, lawyers will harbour
in the shell and cut well out the kernal. He
said well did well to say when he said give no reasons: for
he had none to give. The fruits of Coccejis labours
are fit for nothing but to breed maggots.

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