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Judicial Estab.

23 These pensioned Advocates could be of no use in saving the time of a Judge Having Judges already pensioned Judges, it
was might have been worth while for the legislator
to have asked himself what was to be the particular use of
these pensioned Counsellors of Assistance? Was it
to save the time of Judges? But if you have
more Judges than one you have two too many,
and the thrift is not great and nor is it easy
to understand whence the saving is to , by setting
two men under the name of Counsellors to save the
time of one man under the name of Judge.

26 Now to serve as a spur or check to him Was it to serve as a spur or as a check
to the Judges or to the Judge? But whatever
need the Judges have of either check or spur, these
Counsellors have the same. All working in the
dark, all may equally were equally at liberty to work as they l all please.
Concert only or mutual forbearance is necessary to
them. or mutual forbearance. Two men when a of work is equally properly
distributed among between them may certainly be made to
do at least the even in this particular sort of
business double the quantity which one man
can do, though not more. But this they can not
do if to one of them is given the power of hearing determining
as well as hearing is given, to the other the power
of hearing only: for he who determines must is to
determine after him must first hear. There is Nothing

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