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Tit XII 3 Judicial Estab.

Advocates 26
Pensioned Counsellors not to take fees
These The Counsellor of Counsellors of Assistance must not be trusted
with the right of lending their assistance to solvent
Clients: if they he did the insolvent ones would stand but
a poor chance. Those for whom his assistance was
purchased by the public would get as little of it
as he could contrive to put them off with. Justice
would be delayed. Causes of poor and rich, but especially those
of the poor would be put off from time to time because the advocate
was not ready. And why not ready? Because the time[+]
[+]he is paid for to insolvent Clients is sold to solvent ones.

Before the Court of immediate jurisdiction the
27 In an Court, appearance of the parties being assisted
assistance of a pensioned Counsellor would be applied
in such causes only as by their difficulty showed
themselves to have a claim to it: the nature ground
having first been broken as it was and a view
cleared through it, by the Judge. Such a point
he will say requires particular investigation: or
such a or such a witness a particularly close and
suspicious examination; do you, naming the Pursuer
General attend to the matter on behalf of the
Plaintiff: or do you d naming the Defender
General take it up for the Defendant, according
as it is the one or the other that to whom the
help assistance appears to be necessary. The party of
course, if it was in his breast that the action of his standing

26 (a)
(a) In England the Crown has no ground to complain
of any want of attention zeal on the part of its advocates: but
creates a demand calls for the assistance of of a servant of the public in that character the judicial establishment would be little less expensive than the military.
then they are paid in the same manner as the advocates
of other Clients. There is not a more generous
Client any where than the Sollicitor of the Treasury.
If the advocates of the Crown were employed in all the
cases where the want of interest on the part of individuals to prosecute

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