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1824. Jany 13
Contitutional Procedure Code or Const. Code Judiciary.

Ch. XI General View
S. Ends of Judicature


Course pursued in
the ensuing investigation

To On the present occasion all words employer applied employed
in to the purpose of applying to practice this and particular
this general and theoretical position would be irrational and
ill bestowed. to many an eye mindless/useless But not only as an evidence of proof but as a
source of immovable oppositive inclination, and even as a
of and a type of consolate, the brief less
germ, brief as it is, may be found not altogether ill without ill misplaced

Now then as to the point arrangements as of
the differential character of the here proposed natural system is composed.
With them will all be confronted and
the correspondent arrangements of the technical system. By In
any of the character of accompaniment this later exhibition is the more
necessary, inasmuch as was it not for the demonstration
of the actual existence of their respective opperates, the proprietor of ends the several
proposed natural arrangements might be apt to appear
negatory trifling: no obviously conducive to the end in question
to be worth admitt of the mention of them as an operation
by which any useful and needful instruction could
be conveyed.

Exemplifications given
with as much detail
as room could be found

To redeem within a manageable compass the field
of this exhibition exemplification among all the several established systems
of procedure that belonging to English law have been selected
For more than one in any considerable detail room could not
be found: and by several the seemed was seen to claim the
preference. In the first place it forms with the here proposed
natural system a contrast more striking it is behind than any
other technical system that could have been selected, in the most
place it is that by a relative as which a more a measure mass
of approbation has been bestowed more extensive and intense
than upon any other : in the last place to the author of
these pages the here proposed code it is more familiar than some others
the author of it stands less exposed than any other to misrepresentation
at the hands of the author of the here proposed Code
for a misrepresentation here how compleatly so ever unintentional
an object such as there then is by its very nature in must in a degree stand exposed.][

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