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1823. Novr 22 1825 Feb. 28 +
Constitutional Code or Procedure

IV Heavy
Ch VIII Judicial applications
§. Manner of communication



Quest. Means of securing
communication why
necessary to be

Answer. The Various conditions
of the may render it
necessary/be the purpose
of his responsibility
2. to the prevention of
needless useless delays and expense.

Note ( )

( ) To its the intended purpose, been directed to this object
means it is evident be in every instance capable of being
as above: especially where the end be of the person
in question is obscure to a certain degree obscure as his abode changeable

In Under the English procedure system, the object end in view is that
information of this sort may, in as many in turn instances as may be,
fail, that proceedings, with the perfect cost of the expence may
be grounded on the failure: consequently nor for to it securing the
be no provision at all is made the case is result necessary to justice, the only one sure and only means
before are left carefully unemployed.

French procedure
provision inadequate

In French procedure as per 's Code, provision
is made: and accordingly, in certain instances certain occasions election
of domicile is required to be made: election of domicile, a
true adapted for the be in this Code form
the prosecuting practice.

But the proceeding is not as above particularized.
It is left to being hang in quarrels. It is not as here all
The case and the only only case which the
draughtsman, it is evident, had in view, is that in which
the party a professional assistant is employed. This Even this is better —
much better than willing; and in in the scale respect of grandness of relative and applicable
if provision far above English law: but it may
this brief and nature — it may be a new
with correctness inferior it be
what it might and ought to have been

much better — than nothing: and in doing this much where
English Judges and legislators have been so careful to do nothing, whatever
merit it has shown to that advantage, which every

one may
never see when entrapped with their shame.

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