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1826. July 1

Procedure or Penal Code.

Ch. Preface or Introduction
(4 §. Judges &c

☞ After or before reference to the proof of
more depravity than of that of the most
notorious malefactors — insert as follows

So long as the system combated has for its defenders those
who in their eyes are both and united the attributes of permanent honesty in pre
and wisdom both in a preeminent degree never are the body of the people
however grievous their suffering from it consistently or probably
deserves to see one of a declared opposite complicity substituted
by it. Feeling it as they do the existence of the mischief is
intent their own deceit of: but beholding as they do so many supposed
wise and honest men labourers in conjunction
for the support of it, the conclusion will be — that whatsoever
has not been remedied is in its nature remediless.

those to wit to whom
the leisure to attend
to the proof or the conception
to comprehend it
are wanting; which with
by far the greater number
can not be the case

But no sooner when once is a man of this class convinced
that by from a system by which he feels himself a sufferer, others
derive a profit, he all feels little difficulty in concuring in
admitting that if be it as it may in regard to credence
honesty does not abound is not to be found on the part of those in whom he beholds
the authors of such his loss: his desperation to admitt this
will be m receive encrease in proportion as he perceives that
the greater the suffering on his part is the greater is on their
part the profit: in himself or others be he will
be disposed to enquire out the truth of the assertion how universally
and strenuously so ever maintained: and
seeing in so many instances that the very thing which
their assertion pronounces impossible is continually accomplished
the estimate of their sincerity and of their honesty in every
shape will however gradually at lengt compleatly at length

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