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1828. March
Law Amendmt Official Aptitudes &c

B 13 ult
Ch. Proposition

(1) 13 Ch.IV. Oath none

or 1
Oath — exacting Judge's
certificate that
Atheists are more
conscientious than
Church of Englandists

What shall be said of a set of Judges, professing
themselves religious, believers in religion valuing themselves in this zeal
for religion, steadfastness in it punishing men for expressions of unbelief,
and at the same time, in the same breath certifying manifesting by deeds so
much more expressive and prohibitive than words certifying
their non persuasion of the inefficiency and uselessness
of it — absolute and comparative to every beneficial purpose
certifying their persuasion that while Athesists while
Church of Englandists Priests and Bishops as well and other persons professing belief in a
God perjure themselves without scruple, Atheists will not
perjure themselves? Such then, according to their own admission if they are to be believed is the
and first assumption — an Atheists will not perjure themselves,
for if he has no disinclination to perjure himself, what
for if he refuses the oath what is that refusal but a refusal
to perjure himself: this is the effect of such refusal being
suffering punishment in a variety of severe shapes, besides the being exposed
to obliging, what is it that according to them by possibility can be his inducement
to take upon himself all this suffering, but that
an Athesism
an Atheist has something within him that will
not suffer him to utter an though assured of necessity
to utter give utterance to falshood in a shape in which neither
Priests nor Bishops when alike assured of necessity have ever scrupled
to utter it thus to defile themselves; : in a word that an Atheist as such
or such is more conscientious than a Priest or a Bishop, as
such: in a word in that Atheism affords a security for
useful morality and the happiness that depends upon it, which
Christianity, that is to say what is called Christianity, affords
an assurance to the contrary — an assurance standing upon
the most irrefragable ground, the ground of all comprehensive
and uniform experience .

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