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C Inf. Personal Injuries Miscell.

Let it be the care of the Magistrate Court that at any rate
the aggressor insolent man have not cause to triumph: in his instance for there is
not a spectacle more painful to a generous public, than the oppressor
triumphing in his oppression/in provocation

[+] [+] Quarrels Injuries that admitt of an interval of repose between
them are to be deemed separate quarrels. injuries "Let not" says
the scripture, "let not the Sun go down upon thy wrath

Let nothing be admitted as in an provocation to excuse for
personal violence, assault if the masses between the of
the time of giving the provocation or the time of it's
coming to his knowledge and the time of the assault the
assailant has appears to have slept reposed himself

He may be appear to have slept reposed himself
as well from positive evidence as by from a presumption
drawn from the length of the interval and the
time of night.

A prevention provocation
that since the
receipt of which the
party provoked has
had an
appears to
have slept is not
to be admitted as an

If a man sincerely believes and upon reasonable
grounds believes a fact to have been committed which
if it had been committed was would have been deemed admitted
in excuse as a provocation, this belief may also be admitted
as in excuse: much more if a provocation were
actually given which the assailant did not know of
& if you assault me thinking I had beat your younger
son, whereas in truth it was your elder son I had beaten.

Let contumelious assault be punished much
more severely than assaults do which produce in effect,
and which were designed to produce, only temporary pain
of body

In a prosecution for a personal [or verbal] injury, the Def:t
may without any express notice give evidence of any personal or
verbal injury th done to him by the prosecutor within
a week before or after the day on which the any injury
complained of by the prosecutor and so vice versa was done: and the Court
as it sees fit may upon consideration of the whole quarrel order one
or neither both or neither to make compensation to the other and as also
on either or neither of them
or both inflict a pecuniary
or other penalty.

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