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Of Miscell.

Sodomy &c

so to Men that persecuted these their accusers might be odious at least on
some account: that those who did not could not be prevented brought to hate them
for the same reason that these their accusers did,
might hate them however at any rate, might hate them for
some other reason.

The mischief elimination made in the natural public
force, by an act of smuggling for instance is
much more evident that that made in it by
an act or even by a habit of sodomy.

A man makes a merit of not having to hear
any arguments in exculpation of his offence:
By sharing displaying the violence of his aversion to it, he
thinks to let people see how far he is from being
likely to be guilty of it So strong is the force of
prejudice that to many people a man might
actually recommend himself by such behaviour: and
yet it would not be no great recommed thought to do
much credit to a Judge if by way of shewing
his abhorrence of murder he would not hear
what man accused of murder had to say for himself

A man may be virtuous
with little self-denial
by manifesting his
detestation of practices
which he is under no
temptation to give into.

Careless Severity
of Legislators

Mr Barrington reprehends and with justice, the
carelessness of the English legislator who in prohibiting under
pain of [death Qu.] the exportation of sheep, made
no exception in favour of such provisions as might
be taken out for the subsistence of the Ship's company.
This was an oversight; the consequences of it
would may be inconvenient: this it may prevent
Ships companies from living upon fresh mutton.
But they it are not atrocious receivers: they A ships company
may certainly live without fresh mutton: there are other sorts of

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