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C Mis

for them in abundance

Instance against
exporting Bullion

An ordinance French Law of the time of Lewis 15th (Edit
du Monisques du mois de Febrier 1726 registré
en la cour des Monnaies Art. 3 Code
penal p.67.
) punishes with death any person
native or foreigner who shall export any gold or
silver money or any act in short any the least
particle of any either of those metals without a permission
in writing: excepting only such quantity of coin of the
then last coinage as shall be necessary for
their own subsistence and that of their servants &
equipages. Here is no oversight and inadvertence.
The man who drew up the Law laid a snare for
the lives of all his fellow subjects with his eyes
open. Those Since the publication of this Law
there has not been a ship sailed out of any
port in France nor a carriage Coach been driven
beyond the frontiers but of which the company might
not the greatest part of them have been suffer'd death
in the most legal manner imaginable † Who to the comprehension
of all things had carriages
and or Ships long
gone: it is a burthen
which in comparison
is not worth mentioning.
without any body's
finding being able to find a word to say against the Judge
who sentenced them. I question whether [among
all the crimes which] in the whole catalogue of
crimes enormities which it is the business of criminal Jurisprudence
to prevent, exterpate there can be found one
which can exceed the crime of penning such a
Law. This man chose rather to put it in the
power of any understrapper of Justice (for in France
among those who have sat the power of sitting in Judgment in matters
of life and death are is often to be found entrusted to some of the
lowest of mankind) to put to death or plunder when

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