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I see not why Religion should be looked upon as being at all interested
in this business; whether we consider the it upon
the footing of natural religion or upon the authority
of scripture.

God has assigned a man us his post, our respective parts and h we are
not to quit them without his permission.

God has assigned us our parts what does that
mean? Stript of the metaphor it means that he
has placed us here; that is his will that
we should be here.

It is his will then that we should be here — this
indeed is very true — but how do we know it
to be so? because we find ourselves here. from our findings.

Once more It is his will that we should be here: this
once more is very true: viz: for a certain time
but it is equally true that it is his will that
that time should be but a short one. How do we
know this? because at the end of a certain time
he disposes of us elsewhere: or to keep to what
is visible & matter of experience, he causes us
to be here no longer. He

He causes us to be taken off, by various means;
by the natural decay of the faculties that support
life: by the artificial voluntary destruction of them by exterior
agents, or by ourselves.

Yes — but crimes? he permitts us to committ so far as by giving
us this faculty of doing it
answer nothing to distinguish the
two cases but the pr. of utility.

Press a man to tell you wha his reasons for
thinking that religion forbids & it always comes to the at bottom to this: that religion

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