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thought it better to omitt them. If it be
true, that few men are as yet sensible to an
their own interest of their own in the enforcement of a
fiscal Law, they would be still fewer who
would be sensible to one of other people's: nor if
they were, would it this be sufficient: for they
must be sensible not only that the
interest of others is concerned, but that those
others are sensible of it too, before the
moral sanction, i:e: the good or ill will
of those others can be made to bear upon
their conduct, so as to create an interest
and become a motive in their breasts.
Some few people might possibly think the better
of one, were I to seize the and
without being paid
for it

prosecute the smuggler to conviction: but it is
so great a chance whether any of these few
are among those whom approbation good opinion appears
interesting important to one (especially as I am to be
of a turn of mind
supposed to be of that class to whose habits of life such minimal industry achievements personal . . . . . . are not unsuitable)
a class little connected with persons of such exalted
sentiments thus refined) and that approbation is likely to exert
itself so feebly, that the ben advantages to accrue
from such approbation cannot in general be supposed to
weigh with me but very little. Add to this besides that
it is so rare for a man to be led into this such a course
of action by the desire to gain such approbation,
i:e: by a sense of moral duty,
& this is so & generally well understood
than were this really my motive, that were
there any other motive, of a kind that would not to
not entitle me to it, that the circumstances of
the case could possibly afford, that, as being
the more probable, & not my real one, would
be that to which my conduct would be referred.

As to the Religious Sanction the efficacy of it
to this purpose is still more precarious: for
because such persons as are with a lively idea apprehension
of the force of this sanction, generally direct
the activity they derive from it to far other

objects. Perhaps the world since the beginning there has not been
of it has not afforded an instance from the beginning of the world of a
man purely from a sense of religion
prosecuting a defrauder of the revenue. It is true
that the author of our religion has left it us
as a precept to "render unto Caesar the things
that are Caesar's." but so little+ does this precept
+ as things stand at
interest the affections

engage the attention of those who profess to
inculcate his doctrines in comparison of the questions
concerning the composition of that Godhead &
others of the like practical importance concerning
which he never commanded us to trouble
ourselves one way or the other, that much is not
on this behalf to be expected from their influence. in this
By expatiating+ on this topic, not yet
+ in the manner they
ought for the efficacy
of their admonitions
to expatiate

become popular, they might run a risque of
thwarting [jostling] the supposed interests & thereby incurring the disfavour of many where
favour it is their interest to preserve: whereas
the field of mystery+ is a of their own
+ and morality
which every one is by custom & indifference prepared to permitt be content [at]
with their dealing with at pleasure.

INTROD. Persons concerned. Interest Ex. Tea to the Informer [BR I 5 I] 5 Interest from Moral & Relig.s why omitted.

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