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But further, neither can property of are persons or things nor property in the same persons nor the same things be inseparably
attached annexed to the same persons to answer the various [end o] purposes of [happiness] enjoyment in which
happiness consists — hence therefore the doctrine of conveyancers and
successions; which are may be considered supplements or continuances of the original distribution

Lastly 4th Then in their struggles for the means instruments of Happiness, will often
inflict create/produce on each other a positive unhappiness independent of over and above that resulting from the privation
of those instruments — Hence the Laws against those made for the prevention Acts which in the
original and most proper sense of the word are called Crimes. Such are those
creating misery by destroying Life, by destroying members, by restraining liberty
and by inflicting producing Pain of body — by producing Terror or Pain of Mind.

And who are to secure against the
Securers? one another: and reciprocally as
many of the secured as have
leisure and have or think they
have ability to the Task —
For such is the nature of human
constitutions — power must return
a — Such store commonly
in that Structure of the British
Constitution: and how far it has answered
the it's design, in comparison of others let (joyful) experience
testify declare

Lastly As this distribution when made, and this tends is perpetually attempted to be
violated, for by the same causes that first rendered it necessary to be made; it is
necessary it should be secured — But who are to secure it? not at all;
all were employed in securing, there would soon be nothing left to secure: some there
out of the whole number must be specially invested with authority for that purpose and
hence its other part the right of those persons over persons and reciprocally their duties to
# # A Note to p.10.
It may here be observed in this place be remarked, that as we have already observed,taken notice that it often
appears that of the instances where a Law appears wholly declaratory, from by reason that the Law
being obvious or implied; + + being left to be collected
from the usage in para
by an obvious
so here in the class before us we shall observe many examples of
a Law consisting apparently of nothing but a Sanction, whose appropriation
part being equally obvious with the sanction in the other case, is also
not expressed but implied. [A new & stronger Sanction, hung on as it were upon an old distribution
part already provided with a weaker one.]

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