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CRIMES LOCAL & TEMPORARY No fluctuation but progression in

Since the invention for perpetuating to posterity+ <
the acquirements of their predecessors;
once enlightened are enlightened for ever.

note>+ & multiplying beyond all danger of extinction</note>

It is as impossible that the human understanding when grown to a certain pitch should go
back again as that a human body having grown to six foot should shrink back to three

The tide current of human knowledge after a flowing a little way, has once ebbed: but ebbed
to ebb no more.

We are not therefore to speak of those dispositions as fluctuating revolutions which depend upon
the state of knowledge — Revolutions there may be of Riches & dominion — but the
knowledge is progressive — it is secured fixed beyond the power danger of revolution.

For that is what... which we mean by possibility in the strictest sense — It may therefore
to all practical purposes be considered as impossible

It is certainly physically possible that the Sun should not shine tomorrow, that is
we can conceive of it as not shining not to shine +, but we do not make any provision & not any conduct in contemplation of suchfor such an event

There is no quarter of the Globe from whence the loss might not be applied — probable II II We might as well provide for a Comet's sweeping away the Earth in its course as for such an event
as that all the men in the World should be destroy'd — the one will hardly happen without the

Such devastation would only be
wrought by Barbarous nations: &
their of the Art of War
than in a necessary superiority

The invention of printing has fixed learning never to be eradicated [again]
In the chaos which... which disolved Roman world, it is probable that most of the
all over the empire were at one time or other verbal or otherwise set fire to or destroy'd: by which most of the Books
to be destroy'd — This was because always the whole civilized world was in one empire.

How diffused amongextra to the Common people
than confined to a choice few

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