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the Titles plead as above

It not only refers readily to it's place in the System,
but shews why it has one, it not only places it there,
but shews the reason for its being put there, it not
only shews how the offence bears relation to it's superior
Titles, but why it has a place in any Title [of the that system]
We may remember it was observed in the Introduction,
that a Law which does no good, does harm: that a
Law which prohibits in other words, which invests
with the character of an Offence an Act that does no
harm, does harm itself in order therefore to therefore justify the
giving of any Act a place in the System as an offence
it is necessary to be able to shew in what how it is that manner it does harm:
This the method of Classification here pursued by the
names of it's several divisions, does as far as can be done
in equal compass — In the two first classes, It does, manifestly
& directly:in the third, in which it is not to be done
in a manner equally direct & manifest, it points to towards
the manner in which that is to be done in by the help of in a more minute

in a manner direct and manifest
---page break---
by pushing the investigation more

Where to [accomplish] is possible, it accomplishes, where
to indicate alone is left, it indicates.

The common current methods of distribution have nothing in of offences
them which applies itself to these motives which every
man has in his Breast to wish for their suppression:
they present the naked Power to the view, without the
Utility which is to sanctify it: the bitterness of the Pill
is offered to the imaginationwithout the salubrity which is it's—natural gilding or the gilding.

It represents the Sword of Justice as if it were but of common
Metal, instead of being of that sterling composition
which superior in its to that the Metal of Telephus's spear, the formed spear of Telephus,
which never wounds but for the sake of healing.

superior in it's
virtue even to the
spear of Telephus
never wounds but
for the sake of

The task-master (too often the Egyptian task-master)
and not rather than the parent.

CLASSIFIC. New—Advantages.

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