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The sources the instrument of pleasure to men, are other
men, or things. Both in things therefore
and in men, a man may be said to
have an interest. Let us observe in what it
is that the sort of interest he may have in
the one differs from the sort of interest
he may have in the other.

[+] Things, Inanimate and brute creatures minister to
my pleasures: tis therefore I have an interest
in them: their No sensations of theirs are
in question: with respect to the first, because
they have none with respect to the 2d,
because they are not regarded. If they are
mine, I am said to have a property
in them: that is I have a property in
all their services: every use to which they
can be put for the affording pleasure,
I have a right to put them to myself and to prevent any body's putting
them to but myself. I have a property
in them:
they are my property: I have a
property in all their services: I have a
property in them.

Moreover Persons also that is certain other men, may
also minister to my pleasures. Tis therefore
I may have an interest also in them: On
the other hand their sensations are regarded:
some of the uses therefore which they could (physically
speaking) be put to for the affording
me pleasure, the Law gives me a
right to put them to: but not all:
since to give all would interfere too much
with their happiness: some of these uses
accordingly and not all I have a right to prevent their
being out to by any but myself.

These uses are limited and ascertained: and
comprize a part only (in general but a
small one) of the actions they are capable
of performing or suffering. Thence upon
the whole I can it be am not said to have a

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property in them; but in their services
in certain of their services.

What these services are, are easier shewn made out
directly by expressly by express enumeration: whereby they by which means
with propositions in which they are taking for the General Rule that no one
will stand as person has any interest in, any property
in the services of, any other and
enumerating these as so many exceptions.

Tis of these exceptions therefore (together
with their limitations, that the doctrine
on this behalf topic will consist.

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