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Such is the effect in point of precision of that Technical nomenclature (& the
arrangement that depends on it) which according to some mens notions imaginations ideas constitute
the essence & the very life of the Science — As the Term from having so many heterogeneous
meanings, be is become in a manner to have none, we are driven to seek grope for one in the
dark recesses of Etymology — a pursuit in which even the most learned have little
reason to boast of their success. But as to the illiterate which we well whom we never sufficiently
consider'd to be the bulk of mankind, it is plain no such notion manner/method of fixing
it's import can be pursued or be so much as soccurrd. thought of much less be pursued. That term in which their
fate their existence is involved, remains & must for ever remain to them an inexplicable
jargon. Happy [would indeed] the Nation [be] should the time ever come when
the use usage of it should be buried in the same obscurity oblivion with its origin.

Another mischief arising from
these Titles containing Articles
at once so numerous 2 & so heterogeneous,
is that men in laying down
the Law will be perpetually predicating
that of all i:e: of the whole Title
which is properly predicable only
of some only, i:e: of a part [of that whole]
A fruitful source of contradiction
& confusion perplexity.

[Premunire is] another of those obsequious Terms which having no import of its
own would admitt the most heterogeneous with the submitt to the most heterogeneous inputs which can be imposed upon it with the same facility.

It is exactly upon a level in point of ...... with those once celebrated words
Bocardo & Baralipton & others of the same stamp which whose/once so much celebrated in our Universities.
with this difference that of Bocardo & Baralipton men may be eternally ignorant
without inconvenience, without their liberty's liberties or their property's properties being anyways
concerned in the matter, which is not the case with the this other formidable tremendous qualisyllables
by virtue of which a man may be view himself in the correct most dextrous manner
imaginable without his knowing any thing thinking of any such thing why or wherefore about the matter. It is known to
the common people along with certain pronounced & some other of those ornaments to the
of the brotherhood as a kind of synonymous to a scrape into which a man may get
he knows not without knowing why nor wherefore

High Treason —
Now are these words necessary? nothing less — whatever other improvements in
the way of simplification are may be made in the Science, these remaining, it must ever
continue an enigma — an enigma, late which of itself for ever [unavoidably] unintelligible itself, not to
be understood must be translated into some other language which they as well as in common are
men are acquainted with; Nor can we be at any act for such are one: for as the Ideas included under these genuine terms are known

a word term that can never
be understood by itself
never can be necessary.

CLASSIFIC. and NOMENCL. Inconveniences of the Old. Premunire [BR][1][ ]

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