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a transitory pain inflicted in the usual mode of Whipping

It is Whipping I would propose; a punishment liable to none of these objections which by becoming does
not love its Terrors; which for its efficacy depends not upon the confused & uncertain
workings of the imagination, but the certain & nearly uniform sensibility of the material

On this subject I will advance a preparation which as being in its own nature unsusceptible either of
proof or disproof, I must abandon as such to the [opinion]... of the reader: I say,
A child would be influenced by the denunciation of a severe whipping not only equally as by Death
but more. As The one he knows what it is, & will readily give credit to its on ;
as to the other, it being an event quite out of the order of things according to his ,
he will not be able to persuade himself that in good earnest it should happen:
influenced too by some confused expectation of & reliance on that compassion to avert it from him, which
in of little circumstances he beholds sees extended in among little circumstances to his age.

After all the reader will observe, that this is in truth nothing but the ordinary parental chastisement
(which every body will be disposed to say in cases to which this topic will be
found to supply ought to be inflicted) supplied in 2 points where it is dependent,
certainty & example publicity & certainty certainty, because many offences to which children are obstructions instrumental,
are committed by them in consequence of their abandonment of their
Parents, when aggregated to a Society which instigates instead of checking them.

As it is capable of indefinite extension & remission, if any one should fear that least in
in obvious cases as Murder & at an age nearly approximately near to maturity it may
not be severe enough, he may console himself with the certainty that it may be made
terrible at pleasure.

If any one should fear apprehend that least in a less offence or a very tender age, it should be
made too great, he may consider reflect, that no Man's Heart wages war with Children,
& that a Judge, bad as he shall be supposed to be, will have no motive here
to be other than a Parent.

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