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LARCENY — Distribution.

Treasure Trove

Distinctions ) Alleviation
of ) Aggravation

Distinctions Where —
1st From a casual uncertainty of ownership incident to all things moveable [of every class] — Waifs Wrecks Strays
2nd From Adhesion to things , which adhesion either 1st Natural 2d Artificial
3 From the natural Quality of particular nature of particular goods natural precariousness of ownership arising from a natural Quality either of alleviation Game or classes of valuables: 3 From a casual uncertainty 2d Aggravation
Business of Nature — to come in
of ownership evident to all in general — Waifs Strays — Wrecks. 4 From the Circumstance
of particular Place — where <add> 1 Person — 2 Booth or Tent — 3d River 4 Adherence to a Place — 1 Natural or 4. Shop or Warehouse — 5. Church — 6th House or Lodge
Person — combined with the
circumstance of privacy measure of the taking
intertwined in such a
manner as not to be
separated into a distinct

2dly Artificial 5 Aggravation From the facility of taking arising from <add> Return of the Goods the artificial Quality 1st connected to combined with the circumstance of Linen &c from
the bleaching ground

place — Woollen Cloth off by night 7thly With the circumstances of Place & Time — 7 8thly from the Circumstance of Value
so interwoven interlaced with the 5 latter circumstances as not to be made to constitute: separable into a Table of its own
6th From a facility of taking
or from a natural Quality

7thly from the Person of the Offenders — 6th From an apparent Relation of the appearance/semblance of a relation
the Goods taken to the Offender — of ownership between the Goods taken & the offender<add> to the goods taken corrected by as to persons of a particular description
Servants — a Place — Lodgings of a particular description 2. Agg Goods of a particular nature sig <add>description — Stores & A. to all
Goods in a place of a particular description. — Lodgings.

Errors and ruse &c
because at the same time that a
man does what was the foundation
of the doctrine, he saw that that foundation
was not a just one. i.e. had
not utility for its' basis.

Larceny used presumptions used by a long Ellipsis
as designation of the Punishment

Distinctions both of Aggravation & Alleviation as well as of correction to the alleviations
From the circumstance of value irregularly combined in various degrees with the several
other circumstances respectively.

Adjunct to Definition
A Person having goods in charge
is guilty by removing moving them
with intent not to return convert them
them, to other than the owners use to the use of the owner

Distinction of Alleviation 1st from the want of intrinsic Value — From a changeable and accidental Relation of place contact to the
wanting an intrinsic value

Note As this specification of
the word natural is rather unsteady it
may be of use to obscure where I speak of a Natural Quality
in goods, I mean that which they possess without
any change wrought on their form
by the Man — Artificial when
a simple change is wrought upon Materials
in all are produced as all are, by nature.

Moveable ( Per se
Goods (
valuable (
( Per Relation

(to immovables ( Artificially

( Minerals
( A few Animals

Instead of being on acts of aversity to
the body of the people it originally was an act
of levity & power: since levity & power it
to take away an odious institution &c of
which were the giving
to abrogate a preeminence

Fact — When the question event is brought
to depend upon an answer to a affirmation or single
which answer is pronounced from
the consideration of the particular
case and question, without the necessity
of recurring to any general

where the consideration of of a general where any/no general
rule is not an among the considerations points
which required to be considered previous
to the giving of an answer.

When a compleat answer may be
given to the question proposed
without respect had to the any general

The Statutes corrective of the distinction of alleviation have in some instances transgressed
upon the [line] Region of aggravation

Assuming what is now the punishment of Felony as a standard With reference to the present times in which I write and of
which I speak

As the distinctions of aggravation have been effected chiefly by taking away the benefit
of Clergy from offences for which Felony was the punishment, it will be necessary
to step a little out of our way, in order to require at requiring to an Idea of the
nature of it & consequences of that singular Act to demonstrate the Intent i.e.
operation, somewhat clearer & more accurate adequate than that
which the common accounts are calculated to carry.

Voluntary Muscular Motion
in opposition to Involuntary — by
looks flushings in the face plucking of
the eyes.

( Felony from a punishment came to signify a crime
Pillory if Etymology be the true one as it appears to be] from a crime to mean a punishment.
latter not When speaking of it as an aggravation therefore it must not be forgotten that even to call is so only by anticipation; & that what we so
if it is true only as applied to the present times & not to those in which it was first adopted created

THEFT. Distribution into Species. [BR][4][

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