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LARCENY. Quality - Deer.2

In the 3d Sect. it directs the Prosecution to be before at the Assizes or Sessions — at the Suit of the Party — In the 4th
it directs it to over again at the Suit of the party grieved to be at the Assizes or Sessions or in a Court of Record
at Westminster: But drops the costs, & says nothing of the Imprisonment.

In the 7th It the prior Act what repeats with trifling variations the choice on the former that which excepting such Parks as had been should be thereafter respecting
made without Lease from the Sovereign except that the word "Conies" is here again inserted

By the 5th Sect. it gives power
to having 100 a year
to seize the & Coney Dogs
of persons not having 40£ a
year or 200£ in goods, or being
the owner of a Park or Warren

What was the effect & use as far as relates to Deer of this miserable [heap of] gibberish? I think should inject
it must have been the extending the its' protection of the of the Law to such Parks as might
have been made in the interval of the two Statutes without licence — if so, it instead
have of being involved by implication in a chaos of 2 1/2 pages, it might have been explained
in as many lines

To compleat the confusion by the 8th & last Sect. it restricts itself to offences committed by night, leaving the
Stat. of Eliz. without restriction: but this restricting clause is repeated by another of the
7. of the same King c.13. which is continued farther by 3 Car.4 & from then
indefinitely by 16.Car.1.4.

To a man who considers that this is bit a slight specimen of what he has to go
through, nothing but the hopes however feint of being the last could be afford an argument to pursue
a disgusting tool [King — Lords — Commons] — — —
let it not be a one!

References in Pickering
3. Mods 114. 2 Show 490.
Rayons 458

By 13.Ch.2.c10 The penalty of taking away (as also of/or unlawfully coursing killing or hunting)"
Deer out of "any place where Deer are or have been usually kept" without consent of owner or "person
chiefly entrusted with the keeping" is twenty Pounds for "each offence" — and fault of distress either 6 Months hard labor or 2 also 1 year's Imprisonment
at the discretion of the a single Justice. 2 with for another year,
Thence It concludes however with a promise that a Person prosecuted on this Act, shall not be prosecuted
on any former.

By The 3 & 4.W.c.10 after a flourishing preamble taking notice that the penalties
with the same description of the
persons who are to be the objects
of it,
under former Acts were but small, establishes over again the very same penalty of twenty Pounds makes the penalty thirty Pounds, for killing <add> "Deer" or
"wounding & taking" and twenty Pounds, for in "hunting" alone [ tho without success] for every offence ##
## or for "aiding or assisting thereon" respectively
with a distinction
of the penalty in thirds among the Informer the Owner & the Poor of the
Parish — In default of distress Pillory for an Hour with a Year's Imprisonment

The words are || || §§.2 red or Fallow Deer where Deer in any place after listing of specifications are usually kept.

The Penalty is the same for not being able to give such an account of "Deer, deerSkins
"or Fowls" found in one's possession, for which Constables on a Warrant from one Justice, as shall
be satisfactory to this the Justice before whom one is convened; unless Evidence a Witness can be produced


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