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LARCENY. Deer. 3

produced of1 the2 purchase3 + + 1. Salk. 383 — Power is given to detain the convict (till a return which
must be within two days) can be made to the distress.
Clause Instrumentary )( Principal

Counter further with respect to
Mischief & Provisions for Prosecution


It had occurred to the penners of the above former act, that the Offenders who appear at that
Time for Prosecutn 6 Months 2v. time are stated to have be persons of some little property and are stated to have been assembled
into gangs, would by be apt to by making contribution among themselves and removing representations
(6. Geo.1.16 1.Geo.1.Stat.2.c.48.
9.Geo.1st.22. 10.G.2.32)

into the superior and more expensive Courts in Westminster Hall, to discourage prosecutions by the prospect of an expence which might often exceed the penalty to be received
and which they who had received it might elude the reimbursing, by making off at
leisure — they accordingly produced a clause, was accordingly inserted requiring a security of fifty Pounds
to be given for the costs previous to the allowance of a Certiorari: but they it was never consider'd that
when all was over, they would give their Surities money to pay for those costs had nothing to do but to indemnify their Surities
and the would be as little disposed to pay the penalty as before.

for a as the
not to be before.
- with the Inventor - as
of Security for of W. &
this applied to be cases as

to Wests of Exer.

By way of For a remedy to this, By the 5th G.1.c.15. it was [accordingly] provided, that the
payment of the Penalties should be likewise included in the condition of the Sect.
and the augments that Security was augmented from 50 Pounds to 60 — and superadds to the penalties
an obligation to give another Security for good behaviour .

Keepers in Confederacy

It then takes notice that the keepers had often been in confederacy with the Stealers
it therefore subjects them to a forfeiture of £50 for each Deer killed or taken away # # nothing said of Deer "wounded.
as by former act

together with three years Imprisonment, and Pillory for two hours in the next Market
Town. ||| ||| Penalty on Trustees higher than on Strangers.

# Lastly, taking notice that the Penalty of 3 months imprisonment imposed by the former
Act be for on persons putting down pulling down or causing to be pulled down || || Accessory before the fact
the Pales or Walls of any ground inclosed where [Red or Fallow] Deer are kept at a
time, were insufficient, it inflicts on such persons the penalties provided in the
Statute. [not in the Statute in question] (to which it refers [& not those which itself establishes) for killing one Deer.

All this complicated mass of Jurisprudence, [+] [+] for this <sic>tho'<sic> I have endeavoured to
make it an exact, is a very abbreviated
sketch of it
the accumulation of so many Contents ( except a few
instrumentary Provisions (interspersed 3 here1 and2 there3) is turned into so much waste Paper

It never occurred to them in the
midst of their indignation to do
that, by which that would have
been done in 8 words,which now
occupies twice as many pages

By a a new Statute passed in the very same Session with the former — [c.28] penalty whereby the
wilfully wounding or killing any [red or Fallow] Deer in any inclosed ground where Deer are
usually kept, or the [aiding or] assisting therein is augmented to a 7 years transportation +
+ No provision is made in case of

at the same time In the mean time that, least by the short Statute, (for it may be remarked for being

THEFT. Deer. [3][

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