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a check to the unprofitable consumption of provisions. 2dly lessening restraining the Curse of
the national danger from Canine madness — + + It is to be observed however that
these two advantages are not
obtained but at the proportionate
expence of that branch of the
Leather Manufactory. ||

|| The truth is
It seems probable there will would not
be many fewer dogs reared than
there are are now: but those that are
reared without being insured, being
raised in contemplation of the probability
of their being lifted,
the owners will not set their affections
so strongly as at present; so that
the gain on this score will be consist
the saving of an the mark of the owners traders & entertainers of dogs at whose expence this branch of the Leather is chiefly carried on at present.
the carrying out of that branch of the Leather Trade with less mortification to the owners of dogs this sort of property than it is at present.
3dly bringing an accession to
the revenue 4thly throwing off to the extent of that accession the burthen
from necessaries upon Luxuries. 5 discouraging the poor from wasting their time in these pursuits

purchases the protection
of the Law

These advantages it is apprehended would all in some degree be allowed This advantage which is the desideration on/of the present enquiry would it is apprehended
compleatly, and the others in a greater or less degree be attained concalcated <add> accomplished, by a moderate
Tax upon those animals, the quantum of which within certain bounds should be
variable, at the pleasure of the owner [contibutable/contributor]: a measure of taxation which however singular
& paradoxical it may appear at first blush glance, will be allowed to be the most desired
of all where (if any it was) in those instances where (if in any) it can be applied, [and (will be asked seen] to be] as well as the only
one whereby the depredation just mentioned is to be accomplished.

Let therefore every dog which its' owner shall choose to pay for; be valued at 6s a penny (for example) out of a shilling be effected upon every dog the all valuing dog which each
at the person shall choose to think proper to set upon his dog from 6 shillings at
least to £4 at the most; each value to be exprest upon a Collar marked
with a public stamp, a stealer or destroyer to suffer and to be the measure of the punishment
on the stealer or on any or destroyer

Qu? how has the provision
allowing Rabbits to be killed
near the in Lincolns Inn
answer'd? again of the Chorister
of the Parish

It is well known how men, according to the absence or presence
of an attachment to these animals, & to the amusements exercises
to which different of these are differently instrumental
divide into parties, which upon [a recent] occasion have given of the Act last mentioned
marks of having taken a greater interest in the subject that it
would seem to promise.

If there is a weak place left
in the Law, sooner or later
the industry of men's passions
will find it out: although it
may not have been ought found out
at the time when one considers

By the one it has been insisted, & it should seem unanswerably that there
is no reason why this kind of propriety should be deprived of the protection of the Law,
extended to others those often of no greater & even of much inferior value enjoy. —

By others it has been insisted [for some one or more of the reasons that have
been alledged,] that the being justly referable to the Title of Luxuries, and an instrument
in the lower labouring class of pernicious in all of unprofitable dissipation, would
admitt with great propriety of a taxation, agreeably to the maxim which is ever the more
closely pursued in proportion as the greatest good of the greatest number is made the maintenance of quality is made of the object
object, to throw off as much as may be the burthen of taxation from those articles of necessity which are that
used clearly employed on those articles with which it cannot not or ought not to [intermeddle].

The Scheme Expedient proposed which may be considered as a kind of Insurance open'd by Government for this species
of purport against depredation is
proposed & calculated to inculcate <add> reconcile & both these x x x x x x x x:
but besides that the success of it cannot be reckoned upon with [any] confidence before experimenting
requires an apparatus of prosecutions & penalties to give it carry it through, of which those whom
it may concern will consider whether the it be such to which the subject is adequate.

Bar to a conviction if the accuser
can't shew the Collar to have in question of <add>either that the Collar was off at the time
been omitted for a day together

? will be
to the

A man may seize a dog seen without a collar and
have it condemned by carrying it
without to
a Justice of Peace who if a
Collar is produced by the owner
on summons must return it
to the owner on payment of so
much <add> to the seizer, 5s — otherwise adjudges it
to the seizer.

Owners path that the dog is
a taxed dog and that he does the
not believes that the Collar
was not at any where to his knowledge
off the dog but that he
believes it was on the dog
at the time of the taking to
be conclusive in his favor: for
it is not to be presumed that
a man enabled to keep a dog
probably therefore having a
fixed residence would perjure
himself for 5s.

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