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LARCENY It was not perhaps consider'd that &c

N.B. The Accessory offence so much
censured has the same unguarded description
in the case of the Rush
Star or prohibited to be cut or
certain Courts by 15 G2.35.6 where
the having any in "Custody or Possession" exposes
to the same Penalty — The Penalty
however is indeed no more than 20s

I am sensible the subject wants
much yet of being exhausted: but
having already given it more place
than it may save to many entitled to
occupy from a companion of
it's importance to that of other
subjects, I shall have put on
having to disquisition, inwhich
has had find the attention I this share of attention bestowed in it
has been thus long dwelt
[with this minuteness.]
as furnishing an exampleidea of
a mode of Taxation [which has
not been never hitherto proposed as I have of
and which may probably be found a polyapplicable
extendible to other instancesarticles.

The decision of it's utility seems
with propriety separable to experiment,
without which it
should have seems precipitate to pronounce
it with any confidence either expedient ot the contrary.

In the first place, the circumstances of the stamp on the Collars must will be introductive of a hew forgery; to admi
which however, the Definition of that if rightly constructed needs not to be varied or enlarged.are wished to beed

In the second place, to secure the effectuation of the collateral purposes, not only
the protection of the Law should be utterly withdrawn from the Animals
but in order to render the contrast more strong & conspicuous & compleat between the
whose protectionconditions of those who purchase the proferr'd protection &of those who neglect it
and thereby to add a strength to the motives for contribution.
Some auxiliary provision will be requisite.

A reward might be given as of 6d or 1s for every day produced before a Justice

{if after all, these Terms should not be thought proper to be inserted upon, I should take
{ the liberty to insert that absolutelyout to to refuse to the owners (even without terms) if Terms are not thought proper to be inserted the prob
{of the Law for a property of which many of them set so high a value is unjust injustized & therefore
{inexpedient indefensible impartiality & injustice

It must be charged in the Indictment that the dog taken was a dog taxed
& at such a value

A penalty must be inflicted

It must be made equally penal to take off the Collar of a dog as to ste
him, to prevent persons Dog hunting in a confederacy one of whom might take the Collar off for the other to steal the animals Qu a guardingprobative
except when it is forthwith put on again</p>

Cats may be insured up to 40s

Protection is granted to them extended there <add>afford'd, but it must be paid for
A bag is set,
</add> [are but,
of this species of property,]
but they must pay for it: a
sit upon this article
of Luxury, but the proposition
which they enjoyed not in any
degree till very lately, nor
in that [degree] without the disturbance
now without the distance
of which th it's
strong in proportion as they require

There are two purposes for which dogs may be are stolen either 1st
to keep them, or 2dly to kill them for their Skins. Besides therefore
the extraordinary value which some dogs have from their bid & training,
all there is what may be have a stiled an ordinary value which all have from the
Skins: and as it was from the non-existence of that industry which for a long
time has converted the enemies of these animals into a considerable article of
commerce, that they ever came to be consider'dtreated in law as of no value, would itso it
an instance of ignorance and inattention to speak of the species them at that time of day
in such the like terms.

It seems probableThat a permission to take all dogs considered would not remain idle
appear probably from this: that either the late Act So much of the Leather trade as related to this
Article is in a manner destoy'd - Dog-Shows Laether is hardly to be gotten are not to be had: as I have reason to know from using that Leather for a Show which seems to shew that [the person the
who payed Ld conceived of their hands were loosed would effectually execute the Act.] that there would be no
danger of the Law's sleeping for want of execution.

The plan proposed haspossesses that advantage
of special Notification which is one
of the two in which consists the
Utility of Recognizance, and the in
mentary Penalty which it admitts of
is lifeable upon the same Principlesopposed emotions in the one as in the other

THEFTS. Dogs. [3]

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