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To consider this whole provision with attention,
we must I think confess it to be that neither is the
contrived so as to be provision in itself very soefficacious

that neither are is the means provided method adopted to secure
its' being taken very so efficacious nor the terms effect of it
very explicit as they
might be
as they might be

This expedient for ensuring responsibility is adopted occurrs

It is a topic however that is frequent in the
Statute Book and in some histories of those
who are admitted not the of the Parliam House of Commons the Commission of the
Peace and the protection to a Command is of much more
than it is here.

the several preparations
into which the provision
is resolveable
fall short

we see therefore how far this provision fell
short of consistency for the aforementioned their allowance they establish
[of] some changes of property & the disallowance
of others.

In order to shew illustrate
the drift of the above remarks
I cannot forbear
although they [to give] a
of those
objects products of
particularly which
either have met
with or require
require to be
kept in view
in the making
What do
have occasion to say on
this head is the
less changeable with
being misemployed
and of
is joined as otherwise
there is presumption
of a a not
that there was presumption
of <add> certain sentiments
& intents

A certain is a certain property a little more methodical than
the one or the other or both
is aforesaid
in on this standard of fitness; one subject then
is that all those who do not come up to it may be excluded
from that office, least they abuse its powers. Another
that now must be admitted that all who come may be
at least if not be admitted, least there should
be so apt to it their powers upon that whereupon one object is
that the door be not against not open to any those who are
not fit, another that it may be kept open be not shut against
to all those any who are otherwise danger
is another point , least not if it be abused.

as &c misuser of the powers of the office is the danger what is
apprehended in the first case: thro' want of persons to fill it is the danger in each
the latter: to say nothing of the injustice then done to the persons
as come within
the hand of fitness
to extend a hand
where from
to say nothing of
the injustice that
there is in the
exclusion to each
of the persons themselves
as come within that
hand of fitness, when
as affording escape for punishment, real
better: because it can be followed.

because in a country like this, the
ranks of men except a very few, are determined
no otherwise than by their fortunes
These qualities then are assumed as preservatives from

The passing of Qualification Law propriety of expression is one of
is one of the most intricate problems in
the Law providing as it involves in it the due adjustment
of the several names to the several species of property possessions
of which names than which are most current, tho' familiar
now the current names are acquiescent; & those
which might be substituted in the room of them
tho' universal and determinated, would because
not familiar, be obscure. provision of itself
is difficult: but precision & perspicacity both together would
at least ( for a some time at least be impossible.

There are 4 main points to be considered.
1st how to adapt the expression description of this a species
to the thing species which are meant; 2d
how to select these species in subservience to the
1st of these ends, & in consistency with the
2d How to provide effect to give effect to that Will selection by
contriving that those who are meant to be excluded
shall continually be excluded.

There are three ways of doing this. Ist by contriving
that the actual interference shall be [ to] be
punished: 2dly that the attempt to interfere shall be

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