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The intent of this change here is to keep out, of this
First, those who are judged unfit for it, by the
force of 2 distinct Sanctions at once: the one
civil, the penalty, the other the , the Oath
decline it is
who shall force him
The lastlatter of these is presently made an end of in the
composition; for since by the express provision, a man is
at liberty to decline the Oath, it is own fault if he declares he has no occasion to
declare whether it is upon the pretence of is being for the reason
apparent or upon what other because he has only the
Qualification of Heirship, only or because he has

none at all.

What drove the compiler upon this Reck,
The over obliging a
man to such profession
of the
wisdom on which the
proverb pronounces
seems to have been the unwillingness toof obligeing
a man to make in the post profession of that wisdom which
the proverb intimates to be pronounces rare: as likewise of
pronouncing positively peremptorily of concerning the circumstances
of another - if this be the case it is easy
no reason why man
as well as God should not
God be as good a judge
whether a man says he
believes without believing
as whether he says he
knows without knowing
and Man may surely
enough to find an expedient which to.
& not the same time to mitigateinadept the ppleness
of the assertion.

or it is only when he is unknown that the
excuse maycan serve & to person of age likely
to have living.

The names of the Trustees originally
+ appointed in the Act
to be inserted Alphabetically
in one
to be inserted as they
are known if
{Clerk or person}
{ating in his}
| John Squires | April 2d | Roger Holdfast | Real |
| | 17901770 | April 2 1770 |
| Richard Stock | | | |
| Edward | | | |
| Thomas Poore | | | |
| Charles Middleton | | | |
| Henry Needham | | | |
| Peter Younger | | | |

On account of the number of persons usually inserted
it should be alphabetical; that any Trustee desirous
of taking way/add> whether a Fellow Trustee be in the
list, may see it in a moment.</p> —

Penalty of the Clerk for
su the name of any
person to stand to
any order &c who is
not in the catalogue

If there is in
the 1st otherwise

in the a separate one
by themselves
ambiguities are
sown so thick

If not lation means be
to be found to ensure
its being always true,
caus Whereby effected
ay at lease be found
ensure its being always

whether Qu
was not taken

and if there be no <add>certain

means of providing that every one the Author shall be
always true

who does take it shall take it truly.
at least means pretty effectual may be formed that no one shall avoid

taking it</del>

---page break---

in keeping the keeper of the
secret of the Legislation

It is importionate that
<note>Whether it is or is
not a fit one, I profess
not entirely to
to understand, but then
I know.

Not being in the secret of the Counsels of the Legislature,
I cannot find it difficultget rid of thatthe vulgar notion, that when
it commands a thing, it means it should be done.

Must abandon that expedient for conciseness that
consists in the adoption substitution of a generic term instead
of it's subsidinate specificants, from owing to the ambiguity of the generic terms and use [.] obliges
as to] .

Question if it were thought worth while, it were
easy enough to put it out exclude all
of the power of any
one to act without having given at least the
latter test of his suffice</del>

It is nothing more than to require a Table to be
kept by the Clerk &
consistin of
composed in the should wherein the names of the several Trustees
should compose one who anand another of the same had with
each name the date year & day when that
took the Oath together with the names of
2 Co-Trustees as attesting witnesses signing each word
by the date at each the date the end of his name in a third
should be marked the different species of Qualification
he swore to, by one or other of the words
as the case shall be, Personal, "Real Personal
Mixt heirship.</del>

This Table should be carried about bywith the Clerk
& hung up

Now of how little consequence the the Qualification for the Trustees of a Turnpike
may be in comparison of is certainly not an affair of equal moment importance
with that of a member of the Legislature, yet
when an end is a man resolves upon end, he should adopt
But where in all cases
where the end of
how little importance
soever is deemed
worth aiming at,
the means ought to
be made adequate
those means which are proper means for the accomplishing
it, as well in one case as in another at least
when a better set of means are ready to his hand,
then can be is no reason why he should take up with
a worse.

The Antiquity of the name appellation will be but an indifferent
plan, when that appellation neither ever did
or doth at this hour answer the purpose of signifying
what is meant

Moveable X containable
for the strictly speaking
there is nothing but
what may is im moveable
yet it does can not,
so as to preserve its specific

Without paying any extraordinary compliment to
human nature, it may very fairly be supposed that the number
of those who will never will not being qualification they do not possess
is very small in comparison to that of those who will
if an Oath betaken will run the rest of the penalty

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