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Qualification. I

In order further to illustrate the drift of the above
As a means of
throwing &c
throw a little
more light upon
the subject than
what immediate purport<add>the matter</add> would be one
of the above remarks
give room for
remarks I cannot forbear attempting to
give a short sketch after a manner asomewhat little
# accordingl to
have to say on
this occasion
more methodical # principal points of the objects of attention
which required to be kept in view in the framing
of a Qualification Law. WhatThe few remarks<add>short </add> I shall
have occasion to saymake for this purpose on this head will be is the
being superfluous
the more ponderable less chargeable with being + misplacedout<add>super of place</add>, as ill placed[+]
the topic of qualification occurrs in many places frequently in
the Statute Book, in some of which is at take & not a little depends upon
the exactness with requisite in which it is handled.
its being well handled.




To the Legislative therefore who would keep in view there
two ends In a businesstherefore of this sort there are 3 main
points to be consider'd.

1st How to select the several species [+] of
[+] & quantities property in subserviency to the first of them
ends and in consistency with the 2d.

2. How to adapt the verbal description of these species

to the several species which are selected in

that those not
comprized in it
shall actually be
the exclusion being
put in force against
those at whom it
is levelled.

Idea. | It is in the nature of the 1st of these points every
| now & then to give reason to disputes, which
| no certain medium can ever be found for terminating

3. How to give effect to that selection by contriving
that those all such persons as which are meant to be excluded
shall actually be + excluded.

+ remain
not interfere

The greatdirect difficulty in settling the 1st of these

To solve the 1st of problems to satisfaction
points to satisfaction is surety to therebeingis difficult enough there is no standard
of the propriety of the solution more precise
than the mere opinion the variable opinions of men.

To settle the 1st of
these points to general
since if different Sums
should be insisted
on by different persons

The 2d of these problems
however capable of an exact solution
is one of the most intricate problems
( to judge of the its difficulty
of it from the success
of those who
have undertaken it
is far from being
one of the easiest
problems in the
science to resolve
in the whole Science as it involves andit involves in
it the dire adjustmentit the dire adjustment of the several names
to the several species of property of which
names those which are most current, the
familiar, are unhappily as we have seen in one mixture equivocal, and
those which might be substituted in the room
of them, should they even if they should univocal
[+]be obscure for
want of being
not being
& determinate [+], because not familiar,
be obscure. Precision, of itself, is difficult
but Precision and Perspicacity together in a few words, would
for a time at least be impossible.

---page break---

Hence we see the
advantage of augmenting
the number
of persons admissible
either by anexingadmitting
the qualifications
of property, then by
receiving to those
of rank
on behalf of the public
at large
entrance into the

A certain rank or a certain property in the
person, one or other or both together (for
the discrimination is not very accurality performed )
is assumed in ideas as the immediate+
standard of his fitness. Thereupon
it becomes one object, that the door be not
open to any who fell short of that of that standard:
barred another that it be not shut against any who
come up to it. Misuser of the powers of
+ that is the Pray immediate
for independent
of fortune, rank
is assumed or otherwise
than as presumption
of a certain
education, for that
than as presumptive
of certain
sentiments and talents.
it is what is apprehended in the first case
Non-user thro' point of persons to fill it ()
is the danger (of the part of the public
in the latter: not to insist on to say nothing of the injustice
that there is to individuals in excluding such
as come within the line of fitness from their chance, where the
office is an object of desire.

It is to be noted

[One advantage] that property as a qualification
has obviously over mere rank is [+] it's the serving
as rving a fund for repairing the consequences of
ill evil-conduct

[+] that over and above
the presumption
which both the
are appointed

may offer
of good endeavour practid - duct

The affords a presumption that there will be none; the
other affords the like presumption & at the beside that same time affords
the means of repairing it if there should be.

The subject matter should afford any argument
prove in favour of
one against another
that prove

This danger will be which one sees in the direct ratio of the
In the Scale of
rising <add>in</add>or others by insensible
degrees it cannot be
expected that
what is required being
to fix upon some
one in a progression
series of numbers
that theno reasons that can
be urged can apply
to any one term
of the series to the
exclusion of those that
are contiguous
For example Therefore whenunless the
date were more compliably
than in a matter
of such slight importance,
can be expected,
when one
person has proposed
30 £ a year & another
has said , no
I think nothing
less than 40 is
sufficient, it is plain
that neither of them
number of persons required to fill athe offered in
question, & in the inverse ratio of the
of place wither out of which qualified persons can
be sought under any reasonable expectation of
their being able to perform exact its duties the business of

It because cannot never be expected that any number that
shall be preed upon shall carry upon it any
such marks of bar propriety as to distinguished
from those that come near it on either side are contiguous.

If two persons should happen to have taken a stray
fancy for his numbers that are not very widely different
it is evident how much of a loss each must be for
argument to establish his own number in reference
to the other

No bench that shall prove in favour of one
against another that comes near it.

but what exactfortune shall be sufficient to exempt a
man from a pletion, or to serve as a presumptionan inference of
his having the talents required, is a question that
it is plain must be abandoned altogether to conjecture.

can have any arguments wherewith to fix the propriety
of his own in preference to that
of the other.

Indeed data were theyfully collected would well can apply, but any one side;
mine what shall be the highest qualification requirable tence
with the admission of a sufficient number. [+]

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