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Concerning the Mode of Procedure touching offences
against this & other Turnpike Acts it is thus enacted

Insert this is among
the Definitions &c


for Forfeitures or for Money due

[Procedure is either 1 Summary Regular or 2 Regular Summary


Summary Regular shall be is by Action of Debt in [any of his
Majesty's Courts of] King's Bench, Exchequer or
Common Pleas.


Procedure [when] Summary is either by Information
before a Magistrate herein specially appointed or
by his own ]

IV § 63

For Offences Forfeitures against or Monies due by
virtue of. Qu.

other Turnpike Acts, made subsisting
or to be made or future, Procedure may be either after [in the
the manners summary mode] therein respectively presented, or by
Action as aforesaid aforesaid in the Regular mode by Action


For [Forfeitures for] Offences against or Monies due by virtue of its this Act may be recovered the procedure
may be regular or either in a summary or a regular mode, except in
the cases mentioned in § 33 34 & 63, where it the procedure
shall be in the regular mode alone.

may be brought in the Courts
of K.B., Exchequer or Com. Pleas

Action shall be commenced
within one
month after the Offence
but not till after
10 days written notice
proof of the offence
together with such notice
shall be sufficient
proof of property in
the matter in demand
There shall be but one
Recovery for one Forfeiture
or one sum
due: The party prevailing
shall have costs.

A Forfeiture pecuniary
shall be sued for by
Action of Debt,
nor more than one .
Wager of Law shall
be allowed: & it shall
be sufficient to declare
that the debt
is indebted to the Pltf
in the Sale of ....
being forfeited by an
offence against such an Article or Articles of the
General Turnpike Act
.. made in such
a year of this reign of his Majesty
King George the third
& being such a Chapter.

A Forfeiture specific
by Action of for damages in which the value of the thing sued for
be given in damages


The Regular mode shall be for a Forfeiture pecuniary by Action of Debt in the Kings
Bench, Exchequer of Common Pleas, wherein no Protection
nor Wager of Law, nor any more than one
Importance shall be allowed: for a Forfeiture pecuniary
by Action of Trover</del>


To prevent Abatement — In an Action for Damages
In Action of Debt for a Forfeiture it shall be sufficient to alledge in
the Declaration that the Debt is indebted to the Pltf
in the sum of ... being forfeited by the General
Turnpike Act ... G. 3. C. ... Art. And in either Action
Evidence Proof of the Offence shall be sufficient proof of property
in the matter in demand: of either a days notice shall be the Commencement shall be
given before commencement within month after the Offence, but yet not till after 10 days written notice:
there shall be no more than one Recovery for one Forfeiture
or one sum due; a Pltf succeeding recovering, shall have
Full Costs.

To prevent abatement

In Actions for Damages against the Hundred shall be
brought by the Clerk of the Peace of the County for the
time being thus entitling himself without
specifying his name, shall be allways The
sum balance received [charges out of Pocket being deducted]
shall be paid by him to the Trustees for the
benefit of the


Limitation — none

Forfeitures given by this may be provided for in a summary
way for all offences created by it against every Article of it thereof


When the In summary procedure, the Magistrate shall
be a Justice; or, in offences against Articles ...
... The number of Trustees in Articles...
... respectively regarded presented.

compulsive clause — none

The Evidence, to convict Confession or Oath of witness, in
offences against Art... § 31 at Justice's the Magistrate's own order:

A Witness shall not
be rendered incompetent by
[interest arising from]

This must be general

The mode of levying where the penalty — Distress & Sale according to G.2. by Warrant
from a Justice where specific by delivery by the Constable


In cases of Where there isa sufficient distress a sufficient distress not otherwise can not be found, the Party Imprisonment
shall be imprisoned shall then take place by on Warrant from a

Place of
Backing Warrant

Place of Imprisonment shall may be the Common
Gaol or House of Correction at the discretion of
the Justice Magistrate — The Time Duration not less than ...nor more than 3 Months
determinable at any time upon payment.. except that
[then come with the particular times specified in particular

Backing Warrants

Where an Offender convicted or person party ordered to pay


[Where] Whom] he on whom money ought is to be levied
being is out of the district where the obligation to pay is
accrued; a Justice for the district where he is, on
sight of a [true] copy of the Conviction or Order
proved by verified on Oath shall issue his Warrant for Distress
of Sale & in default of sufficient ,
for committment of the defaulter [according to] as in the preceding Article.

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