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What are "large illegible characters" is a question the answer to which will defer with the strength of eyesight of those
who are to judge: tho' as it would be thought very hard to convict a man who had, according to his notion would plead his complied with what the act requires according to his notion of it
it is very that any more the that had the undisputed that that is an at all

As to those indeed who he
There is nothing new in such a specificated
as sense it may appear.

To avoid this it should come.

The examples when the indulgence has not been been intended
to of a guilt imperious

the utter improbability of that any idea of consequences so should ever reach
the inefficacious because inconceivable conception of a rough delinquent, me to regard the omission as designed.


& though
and the
word would the not have been

The reason of breaking this
Section of the original into
two Articles, the reader
I suppose to
be, that they relate relating
to persons & the
of a the different

I want abound in need of indulge a

The latter seems in strictness to be the meaning. Tho if it
was deemed adjudged so, would subject many to the
penalty, whose carriages are as the
with the price.


On Packs of Wool
On Bales of Tobacco

Upon the most conspicuous for

Some Many persons "occupy" places where they Farms for instance & employ
Carriages at them at places where they never live themselves
If a man who hired in London had a farm upon
his hands in Cumberland or Cornwall then
such a one in such a street in London would
be but a roundabout direction: nor on the other hand
would it be necessary to insert every place

He looks upon it as
an infringement upon
his liberties it among
which there are
some that who reckon that
being abusive or of doing mischief

It may be imagined conceived this will send very proper & well imagined regulation which I have been here cannot always bevery agreeably properly relished by the Drivers.
It was made devised as a check upon their behaviour, means of keeping them in good order <add> to their good behaviour, by their consciousness of being known not of directing
a persecution towards them where they may be assembled to upon any instance of the contrary. It is but natural therefore
to expect that all the shifts that can be imagined to evade the Law should at one time or other be put in practise. Thus
to evade a restraint which on various occasions may incommode them. The move precaution taken against false
supposes as much.

The best way
of acting as
I can think
of to solving it,
is this to impose
the penalty
as here
the character
in the 1st instance,
as the
more responsible
person: using
at the same
time a power
to the Magistrate
of the Masters
that the above

will his probity
the driver
upon Oath
what other
may offer.

Every one obvious should not be passed over as improbable.

A few reflections of this
sort would not then
be of use but
to those as may fail
men of business, who
intent on the compassing
that sensibility of the main point
, to
with which Lawyers
are so ready

all to speak

But to borrow an expression from the subject
there is nothing like putting the saddle at once upon
the right Horse. The Justice view may not know
or be aware of this & then it will be an infinite
distress to him to
give a judgement.
It is certainly worth
no man's while
to advance from 20 or 30
Pounds, in Law
a considerable part
of which can at
no event come home
again, for the nothing
chance of men of volunteers getting
40£ & this known
the ingenious occupier
may refuse to
for the satisfaction indebted for it to the common Law.

Procure the real principle
petual agent only the mechanical instrument
Accordingly in small misdemeanours &
it is convenient to result
the agents not of the
to the of their .
there are those by this which
they can then be compelled to
give it.

If it be not improbable that but that others besides the
person immediately interested, should may oppose the
measurement against which is here provision is here made , so neither is it with respect to the
weighing — against which there are In one as well as in the other
a number of persons agreeing concurring their dissatisfaction disenchantment <add> disgust
Act may oppose the execution
make common cause & against the Act will
in the behalf of other carridges as of their own
to say nothing in a way expedient for depen eluding this penalty first of these clauses
It gave an easy way of eluding the clause the penalty for cash
proven to be passive in his own case & active in that
of his confidences — Supernumary to that which
those who those who we are
indebted for it to the common Law

As the number
This is the way of thinking
I would recommend to
those men of business
who press fine & imprisonment
around them, content
to take their chance on where
it falls

Still as to the Driver there in another dissenting
for it may be his offence in borrowing moving an improper
Drag-iron to use without his Master's knowledge
If the Master has a drag Iron from pair for
Broadwheels and other for narrow wheels: he may note
the master has but one Drag Iron & that proper for Broadwheels he may borrow another that is not so And this difficulty of setting
on which of the two the driver or the Master the penalty shall fall occurs in moving of this Section.

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