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For ascertaining of the boundaries of Turnpike Roads—No
Whose of his own motion The If any a one makes of to be made any Hedges, Ditches
or other Fence within 30 feet of the middle of a Turnpike
Road, save on or within the site of a Fence already subsisting
[shall on pain of forfeit] 40s to the Informer.

But a line there is who tho short of seldom of such length as
30 feet whose extremes are capable of being ascertained
not what to a degree of mathematical certainty which in this matter is indeed, but to
a certainty sufficient for this use purpose

We shall see more than this instance of a preamble penned
like in the spirit an imitation of the tribe of those philological classicism classical commentators give an the explanation
of every thing in explaining itself /what/ is clear, but what wants & inform it the reader of every thing he
knows already, & leave the reader uninformed of nothing but what

And forasmuch as open culture
excludeth not Travellers in cases
of emergency as do and whereas
Hedges in particular prejudice the
the road to an entire distance by their shade -
Turnpike road of his own or
France &c

Qu Hurdles

Whose shall on either side (being unenclosed) of a
shall cause to be made any Hedge Ditch or other

But as it stands, it may at least
be introduced applied to them without the least degree
of licence: & from it's propriety, it assuming the liberty
will: & there is a great deal of
difference between introducing by implication
an entire new word or phrase into the sentence
which yet is often necessary; & that of applying or not applyinga
word that is already in the sentence according as
reason dictates that it to be applied or ought not
pronounces it to be relevant of otherwise

For if it is not known what how far is road
that is where are the extremes of a line drawn
across the road.

Here we see it S purchased at the expence of

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Note The word Centre is so far the originally Greek naturalized, that most
Englishmen who understand English use the language probably understand its meaning
but it is impossible that should be a single man not should who does
not understand that of word "middle".

It may be thought by some.

The word "middle" (or "Centre" (which is ditto repeated
for the sake edification instruction of those who are better understand
Greek acquainted with better than with their Mother-Tongue
is equally open to the same objection; for that the
middle of a line being a point equally
distant from the two extremes instead of
serving ascertaining their place situation it is only by their means
that it's own situation can be ascertained.
This however objection however is weakened when we consider is answer'd by considering observing
The answer to this is—.that although in language mathematical, which is not out of</add> here
is not in question the center is found by its
reference to the extremes in this subject for this purpose
it has another is determinable must be in a popular sense for
in another other manner namely

It must be understood to mean apply to the middle
of that part which is actually under, or
marked out for reparation

That the limits of Turnpike Road passing through open fields
ascertained, — If any one onWhose on either side being unenclosed
of a Road shall tear up the soil by action or design with plow harrow or otherwise
within feet of the middle; except to mend itfor the purpose of repairing it shall forfeit 40' to the Informer
And For as much as Hedges prejudice the road by shading it & theythose
as well as other fences

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