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divine & natural Law — & therefore do in many
instances allow & enjoin what the oth these forbid.
You have not surely been the so much the dupe
of the meer technical learning of Westminster
& all? as to give us the word murder here in
its present a meer legal sense. If you have your
argument is a notable one indeed And
it will stand thus: In the time of Henry 1. To kill a man without under other
circumstances or in a way the Divine Law said, you may kill Crime it is less a not allowed
by the legislator permission of the supreme Magistrate is murder; and
murther is forbidden by the divine Law: the
supreme Magistrate Legislator cannot go contradict the divine
Law: and therefore the cannot command allow or enjoin
us to commit murther; — that is cannot allow or enjoin
us to kill another, without allowing, or
enjoining it. Do you not see, Truly a very wonderful discovery!
Do you notice, Sir, that the idea of murder
if you take it in the meer legal sense, whatever that sense be, is created,
changed, modified, altered by the Human Laws? that in
this time the no Human Law can possibly forbi command it:
because the moment the act is commanded
it ceases to be murder. If you consider it
meerly as taking away the life of another, you
must know, that it is often commanded, and
sometimes allowable: that when it shall, or
shall not be allowable does not depend depends upon the legislature
& the legislature does not, & ought not to suppose it allowable or not, because in such cases it is, or is not — Essays on Characteristics Essay ii. Sect. O.
upon the divine, or on your imaginary law
because it is conformable to allowed by your divine law, or imaginary law
of Nature: but as Dr Brown will tell you, on
it's being necessary or unnecessary to the public and good


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