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Sect. I. Law in General. 5

for the Law giver is somewhat curious: Beside man, the following
are the set of "inferiors" he has given him already to talk to write or —
to make signs to: He has given him in the first place all sorts of —
things that are moveable, gravitating, visible, and susceptible of mechanisim:
and in particular (as we shall see presently [as we have seen already)] amongst the
rest all animals and vegetables by name. This being the case with
the word ["prescribed"] and ["dictated"] the best that can be said of them
is that they have no meaning; and it was this no-meaning that our Author seems to have depended
on to save them from being seen to have a false one. That Clocks —
have Laws prescribed or dictated to them: is a proposition, which
so long as men content themselves with sounds, without sense may pass for true:
but so soon as any precise import is given to these words, must be
seen plainly to be false.

Genus x Species. What is said of Law in general, we naturally expect to find agree —
with each sort of Law in particular: For what agrees with the Genus
agrees with every Species. There is not a No Rule of Logic better known
and untutored common sense bears testimony to the justice truth of it.

For it is but a declaration of the sense that all mankind who care
the words Genus and species, and know what they are saying, put up
on those words. A thing that is given for a Law is not a species of Law
if any thing that can be said of Law in general, that is of all Laws
cannot be said of that. A plant that is given for a Rose is not a
species of Rose, if any thing can be said of the genus Rose that is of
all roses, can not be said of that.

Sect. I. Law in General. 5

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