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Sect. I. Law in General. 6

If we look to see this rule observed by our Author, we shall be disappointed. Inapplicable to the Species of Law first instanced.
In this there is not much to wonder at. But it It is not
uncommon to observe the attention flag and by the time a numerous
train of species have been displayed let the true that is the
originally assumed character of the genus slip insensibly out
of the memory, and a spurious one steal into it's place. But —
what is uncommon, is to find this falsification take place in
the first instance: and to see a part of the generic character —
wanting in the very first instance of all that is adduced. This
however is the ease here.

The reason is not difficult to percieve. Chosen because indeterminate. The general character of
Law was taken from that species which in truth is the only one
that which our Author calls Municipal, the Law that a part of
the persons in in a state make for the rest. Meantime it was this
misfortune to come to the business already determined to find —
some other sorts, and these from some fancied pre-eminence, were
to be mentioned first. This being his predetermination There was
but one thing his invention could do to help delude his judgment
and that was, to find a word of such convenient obscurity, as
might put a mask on the generic character so that the repugnances
between the first species and those that were to follow —
might pass off unperceived. For this purpose a no word could not
be better calculated than the word "prescribed:" It might upon occasion
signify writing, speaking or any mode of utterance where in the

Sect.I. Law in General. 6

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