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Sect. I. Law in General 7

the thing that was to be called a Law there was any thing to be expressed:
Chosen because - indeterminate. at the same time that as no particular mode of expression
was specified by it, it might serve to give an intimation of
I know not what obscure sort of an appointment, without expression, where there was nothing to be expressed.

Other Terms indeterminate. The four other words, Rule, Superior, inferior, obey, are all calculated
to favour the deceit: The word Rule as we have seen by the looseness
of it's meaning: The words "superior," "inferior" by meaning nothing
applicable to the purpose, but what is meant without them,
and the word "obey," by squinting at a sort of no meaning [which is]
corresponding to that of the word "prescribe," and which is to be produced —
occasionally instead of it's genuine and intelligible meaning correspondent to that of the genuine meaning of the same word.

The import they ought to have in order to be true in this place we
have already given.

Obey. To Obey, is to do what is prescribed: what has been said therefore
on the occasion of that word may be applied without repeating it, to
to this. What is "prescribed" says our Author himself, "must be notified" to those who are to obey it." Those therefore who are to Obey must
be such to whom notification can be made: Beings that have ideas:
beings that have will: beings that have understanding to apprehend
the expression of another's will: beings that act from such motives
as operate on Will: the expectation I mean of pain or pleasure.

Bound. Lastly as to the word "bound": so far is it from being of use to define the

Sect. I. Law in General. 7

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