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It will be to little purpose with the to the pains
of to go on enquiring and distinguishing, whether
the language he uses in each passage be a language of his
making or his finding: for the great grievance
is the currency that such language is current:
Who made it so is a matter of little comparatively
of little consequence: for the reputation of a any single
man much less that small share of reputation that can be concerned in the distinction. is of little comparative consequence, in
when the interests of the first of Sciences
are so much at stake. At any rate,
whether he coined it or picked it up,
whatever he has passed upon us, none more
than himself has contributed to give the
currency it has. The polish he this elegant author writer knows how to put upon his works, is such as would be sufficient to pass off if possible, still baser metal. And if it was nonsense that
was commonly talked upon the subject who compelled
him to [give it place] adopt it for his own?
At the same time it is but justice to declare
once for all that the seeds at least of most

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of the errors he has fallen into are not of his own sowing: but have been planted
by other hands: who [have] gather'd
them from the highways and beaten roads of popular prejudice
Prerogative-Law, and Pulpit-Metaphysics.
As to many of those mistakes I could point out perhaps were it worth
the pains in many instances where he has not done it, the authorities which have led
him into many of those them: mistakes: but
when his silence concerning these authorities evidences his content that
what he says should be looked upon as his
own, why [should I anyone] seek go about to seek deprive him
of the glory? credit of it? why envy him the glory?
Either no question account will be made of this book,
or none will soon be made of his, (as far as
judgment, and not more relation exposition is concerned)
and his authorities.

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The perpetual mortification of looking for searching in vain
truth when the voice of so large a part of the public called to me to expect it and finding of hunting for truth and
catching error, of beating about every where
for sense and finding none, has sometimes
I am conscious vented itself in an asperity
not due exclusively to him.

A very fine elegant book as to the outside of it's
contents, a very bad book as to the inside
written with intentions by no means so bad
as might seem from the consequences that
might fairly be drawn from it, tho' not
perhaps always the most laudable: which from the novelty of it's design, and graces of it's stile has met
with success reputation much beyond more what it deserves,
merits and as much more probably than it beyond what
it will retain. preserve.

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Definition sole remedy. I know but of one method of [remedying the
mischief] done To purging the science of the poison
introduced into [the science it by him and those
who write as he does: I know but of one remedy and that is by Definition,
perpetual and regular definition, the grand
prescription of those great physicians of the
human mind, Helvetius and before him
Locke. Definition not him but Useful and legitimate definition
which (not like his) explains terms less familiar by terms
more familiar, terms more abstract by terms
less abstract, terms with a greater larger collection assemblage
of simple ideas included in belonging to them, by terms
with one more an assemblage less extensive.

Advantages. It's Merits. Harmonious periods, in the Analysis succinct expression in and the appearance
of a method.
Divisions regular to the eye.
The eye caught by the apparent symmetry of the
division, as the ear by the harmony of the sounds


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