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With respect to my own labours, Whatever else is wanting, two things I can
affirm have not been wanting, industry sollicitude
and unreserve. plaindealing. Sollicitude to
discover what [I thought] it might be of use
to know, plaindealing to declare it.
Tis not this or that class of man
much less this or that individual I have studied
to please, but the public at large: great body of the public: and: so
to please, as may be done by administering the application applying
not of flattery to their affections, but of instruction
as far, as any diligence can do it
to their understanding.

Definitions here given cannot: a timid heart dare not do it.
Men who fetter'd by establishments engagements, have abjured

the right of thinking, and find it their interest to persevere persist in their abjuration with start from the a
task like this with loathing and with terror.
They dare not penetrate venture into these depths the recesses of
the science: wretched helpless victims of a blind and antiquated policy they dare not look their own nations in the face. they dare not strike out those hidden
were they would encounter elicit hidden lights which that
would appall them with the prospect of
the contradictions absurdities they have swallowd, and
which then must continue to swallow, for has of spying out deformities which to correct would be mortal to their hopes. unless
they would forfeit all hopes of pleasing those
whom their interest bids them the petty interest of their fortunes necessitates them to please.

Attacked by Priestly &c. The aspect of his replies has given exhibited signs
of anguish without any of amendment.
There is a time of life period term in a man's life was at which if
a man is detected in an error,
especially if that error goes to the root
of his sentiments opinions, all he has left is
to persevere.

Definitions We are thus far advanced in this country towards the
encouragement development of moral truths: those moral & political truths which the principle of utility encloses in its bosum the spirit of the people
offers them immunity, but it is problematical at least whether the
promises of the rulers promises offers them reward.

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Let them but learn to think for themselves, and be sure
they do so, I had almost said, I care
not whether with me, or against me.

Wh. Bull. This .... beast, originally who, imported into there from his native
country from France, originally of French extraction seems, contrary to what is
the case with most animals to have improved gatherd
his spirit spirits by change emigration of climate, has
somehow or other taken umbrage at the our Professor's
scarlet robes, and has made some severe home
pushes at him in several places. has accordingly fallen upon him very severely, & as to have made the light shine through him

Definitions here given. The reader is not to expect to see those principles Definition
supported by authorities. The writers we have
seen hitherto Coke Hale, Hawkins, Wood:

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the list ending with our Author, very good Lawyers
were as times went, have been very poor philosophers. Locke
[the Father of intellectual science] had not yet spoke to them, or had spoken
to them in vain. It is not much wonder if he should have spoken to them in vain. Few works shew greater marks of the want of these precautions; than his own on Government. They were content, as
most men are content to ring the changes
upon the words they have been used to,
without knowing what they meant by them.
Nothing has been, nothing will be, nothing
ever can be done on the subject of Law
that deserves the name of Science, till that
universal precept of Locke, enforced, exemplified,
and particularly applied to the moral
branch of science by Helvetius be steadily pursued, "define
"your words". It is true, it is not for
every man in matters of Jurispr moral science to define
his words. It is what A little understanding

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