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[e] There are few of the other Arts and Sciences, over which
Legislation has not at some time or other to a
good purpose or to a bad one exerted it's it's dominion;
even of those which at first view, should seem
the most distant & unconnected disparate and independent. disparate & foreign from it & independent.

1st Over Poetry For example, over Poetry. least within its reach
For Example In S ancient Sparta In the prohibition of it by Lycurgus
in the Spartan Commonwealth. In Wales & in the extirpation
of the race of it's Professors by our
Edw. 1st in Wales of England. In the power of licensing Dramatic pieces exercised
by the Lord Chamberlain in this country.

2. Over Astronomy By the
In the Tolerance — By discouragement of given to it by the
Roman Inquisition which punished Galileo
for demonstrating maintaining the Orbicular figure of
the Earth — In the encouragement of it by reward
published by this country & many several other nations for the discovery of the Longitude.

3. Over Anatomy — In the discouragement
of it By the Punishment appointed inflicted
for under our own Law on those who take up dead bodies for Dissection.
that is for furnishing the faculty with the means of know
without which it went were impossible for men to acquire

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In the encouragement of it, by the Law which disposes of disposal
made that knowledge which is necessary to them for the of the bodies of Murderers after execution
to certain for dissection. preservation & relief of living eyes. for that purpose.

4th 4th Painting 1st up for Over Painting — By the Total contradiction proscription
of it as an imitative art in countries
where Religion is where Mahometanism is the Religion

5th Over Medecine — By the restriction of the practise
to of a particular description by of it under our own & other Legislatures this Government & most others

Architecture — Building Automatic Roman or Cyphers which to be used Over a great multitude of the Mechanic arts by
Statutes too regulation too familiar to need mentioning.

Over Medecine — In the prohibiting of inoculation
by the Parliament of Paris.

Over a great number multitude of the Mechanic arts by regulations too obvious to need mentioning. Over Logic by the alternate establishment
& proscription of Aristotle's works

of this In short there is but one science I can think of on which
there is but one but one
some time or other, in some place or other
Leviathan has not laid his paw —

It is that of Pure Mathematics — One We knows
indeed from Suetonius, Suetonius expulit Mathematicus [Litianus] that that a set of person persons, under the name of
Mathematici were banished from Rome by
a one of the Emperors — But it appears not
that there appears any a person which was any such person among them as as a professor of that Science we mean now by Mathematics.
Then were
Astrologers, Fortune-tellers & other Vermin of that cast.

INTROD. CH. I. Encyclopedical Sketch — Notes. [IV]

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