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The Primary Mischief again is susceptible of another division into 3 2 kinds: which for want
of more adequate Terms Stationary X ambulatory Multiplicative X Diffusive = Divisible = Distributary I shall characteristical expressions I must call the stationary, the diffusing and the increasing & the diffusive & that again into 2 others accumulative diffusive & distibutorily diffusive
I call it that the Stationary where this it reaches eventually but one object who is the same with the designed
object as in Murder from Assault & Battery: I call it [diffusing] distributorily diffusive in those crimes where besides the intended
object against whom it is levelled it is apt to spread on to eventually amongst the objects but in such manner that the
Sum of the portions which fall upon all are no greater than it would have been if it had
rested altogether upon the object pointed at against whom it was — I call it [increasing], accumulatingly-diffusive when
upon any every eventual each object to whom it communicates object on whom it alights it falls in the same quantity as it did upon
the () object pointed at [against whom it is levelled] — The instances of Coining and Houseburning, the one
an example of the first 2d, the other of the 3d kind, will make this clear.

A Malefactor puts off twenty Counterfeit Guineas to one person: Now it may happen that
the Cheat being presently discover'd, whether from honesty or inability that one person may not chuse or may not be able to that one
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pass off none any of them; of & the whole loss thus resting upon him: and in which case the mischief of the entire would turn out of the Stationary kind. — But it may also happen
& thus it is apt to happen, that he shall again put off for instance ten 19 of those
Guineas to ten 19 other persons respectively. Now here we say that tho' there are 20 losses
upon this latter supposition, for one which there is on the former, falling upon 20 persons
all of whom may properly enough be deemed the primary objects of the mischief of that one
Crime, yet the sum of the 20 losses upon the latter is no greater than the one loss
upon the former.

On the other hand suppose a A Malefactor designs sets fire to a particular House, whether
from malice conceived against the owner, or from the design of pillaging some particular
booty which he to be lodged in it: that that House is consumed along with 19 others here we see the
mischief pointed at a particular object rests undiminished in it's totality on every object
whom it affects — the Sum of the losses of the 20 persons is twenty times as great as the
loss of the one if it had been confined to him. One might say in some sort of this last kind, (to borrow an expression from the antient metaphysical jargon) of this last kind that it rests "totum in qualibet parti", that is, the whole of what was designed against one object, aga upon every object whom it eventually affects.

AESTIMATION. Mischief of the 1st Order [BR][ ]

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