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I would not with the Author of the Commentaries have laid down, that in lacking established to manifest <add>asserted in the teeth of observation experience <add>of report</add></add> cognizance
of all wrongs or unlawful acts, along with the view of securing to the public
by the benefit of society by preventing or punishing "the Law has that of giving" redress to
the party injured by either restoring to him his right if possible; or by giving him
an equivalent" especially I would still less have done it 4 3 1 2 5 10 after observing but a page before the next preceding page That "in these
gross and atrocious injuries (of which High Treason Murder & Robbery are put as examples)
the private wrong is swallowed up in the Public: and that accordingly we seldom hear any
mention made of satisfaction to the individual; the satisfaction to the community
being so very great"; nor in the opinion thinking that compensation to the party - to be a proper object of the Laws it's endeavours would I have alledged an impossibility of the Law's it's only own
creation as a reason for it's failure making the [] satisfaction to the
the putting a man to death as a satisfaction to the community: With equal care I would [certainly also] would I have abstained from enculcating any such idea as that the putting &c
especially if I had designed in the next page but 3 to establish as a maxim that the end of human
punishments was not atonement or expiation. + + p. 11 was no end of human punishment There are two ways of

---page break---
palliating palliating one is by to apologize apologizing for them; the other is by denying to deny
the defects or the mischiefs mischievous defective of an establishment. establishmentor dissembling to dissemble their existence; Either of those might depend on but they cannot so conveniently be employed together.
Either of them under good management may answer separately: but they match rather
awkwardly together.

These things If had I wished to see them things done I should have thought they best way of procuring
to have done, were would have been to have lamented that they were not done, & not
to have testified to the world that they are done already.

PUNISHMENT. 3d END. Compensation. BLackstone.

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