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Not wished for, against Keymis.

It is a contest of a distinguished writers + very beautiful indeed in a Practical view, but which is
Kaymis Hist.y of Crim. p. rather out of place in a subject work of that kind in which in which truth and not Beauty at variance with Truth is the [great] one thing needful [is the grand desideration] that a man
as soon as when he committs a crime, some crime has a vast desire to be punished for it. them If it means that
punishment under any circumstances is desirable to men in itself: never yet did I see or
hear of such a man. If it means, that a man wishes for a punishment under a
confused notion of its exempting him from a greater, it is as if any one were to discover
that men have a vast desire to have their legs cut off. True it is, if their
legs are incurably , in order to save their lives — thus true it is also, thus only is it also true that a man may wish
to suffer undergo the finite suffering inflicted by human Justice the hand of Man in the hopes of inter averting by
an the unequal exchange the indefinite vengeance expected from the wrath of heaven.
I make mention this remark, because that short but ingenious Instructive essay being one of these few written on this subject
that merit [to have] and will probably have a permanent currency, it is worth while to mark marking in it what is
not sterling, but as is usual, in these cases the esteem of men for the much which that is, should ensure procure a reception
to the little which is not.]

Let us not then seek to form any such allusion upon the subject, as to speak as if an ordinary concern event of a criminal wishing to be punished. if should at any time with giddiness or false hope he surrenders himself

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a voluntary captive victim to into the hands of Justice, it is well: but let us [not conceive of this as being the ordinary
course of . ] ....

PUNSHMENT. Not wished for - against KEYMIS

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