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character will either beat them, will confine
his wife, will challenge the Adulterer, or
seek his remedy at Law —

The Spaniard it is thought, will commonly put
to them to death.

What is the inference? that in England the
Husband should be punished for thus avenging
himself, (+ provided if the mischief of his punishment is thought less
than the difference between that of the punishment
which he has inflicted on the Adulterers
& that the Law would have thinks proper to be inflicted on them,)
in Spain, not.

PROCEDURE Inquest ante mortem. It was formerly In case of a wound that threaten'd to be mortal The usage was formerly
[observes Mr Barrington], for the Coroner to
with his Jury to visit the party while yet alive:
and in Wales it was expressly made a
part of that Officer's duty by the Statutum
Wallie — This usage Mr Barrington wishes
to see revived; & for a very good reason.
It would be useful, he observes, as a means of authenticating

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the evidence of the dying words. + + v Barringto. Obs. cog [cr 209]

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In case of Killing one when another is intended
the questions of exemption (viz: concerning provocation)
must apply to that other.

Qu? What guilt & what punishment where a
man kills in self-defence a man whom
he first of all assaulted, but slightly.

Men are in many cases punished as Murderers
only because there is in a manner no punishment
at all for Manslaughter.

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Offence Access.y Poison Offence Accessory to Homicide when
Poison is the Instrument
mixing poison knowing to be such with food usually eaten
by man, laying it in a place easily accessible
to man, and circumstances that indicate
the design of it's being eaten by man.
As if Arsenic were to be cast into a Pot
with food meat in it, or set to boil for food. meat.
Or were to be mixed up in a loaf &
the loaf laid in the Street or set in the pantry.
with Mr

Petty Treason And this is ornamented with it's embroidery of modifications
exceptions & distinctions, with which the
Mass of the people is just as much acquainted as
with the Koran: spun out of a heap of Statutes
jumbled with the Fragments [remnants] of Common
Law, to the unravelment of which a man would as
soon be conducted by following any thread of reasoning

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as he would produce that arrangement of sentince
which express them by shaking in a bag of letters
of the Alphabet they might furnish matter for an
argument of some hours, in which the interests of
mankind would be as much consulted & concerned,
as are those of the Patient in the Farce Play by the Political
Chit-chat of his Physicians.

I would engage to fill 20 or 30 pages with what
is called learning upon this subject, & which nobody
knows any thing of but those of the Profession
with analogies & restrictions & divisions & conclusions
which I could introduce were they (as they are not)
of any other use than to incumber & perplex the


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