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The resort of people to Coffeehouses instead of Taverns is
formerly is a change of [national] custom for the better
so of the inferior sort of people to the Tea houses — both
diminish drunkenness.

Drunkenness is the vice of the Dole — Luxury has
greatly increased the number of occupations even of those
who exercise no lucrative employment for their livelyhood
and by that banished drunkenness in a great degree
in comparison with former times. The American Indians have nothing to do Indi. — and 'tis for that reason that not one among them can withstand the temptations of drunkenness — if Luxury were introduced among them it would cure them of it.

Politics an Attention alone is an occupation to those many who have no other
an occupation manly & rational, the source of which has was
not never been assessed for till within this present a Century. — the speculations of the
meanist mechanic however rediculous they may appear
to those properly initiated to in the subject awaken his feelings
pinvigorate his mind accustom him to oppr extend his views to connect
the idea of the public interest [with that of his own]

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and give him an importance in his own eyes + + that Sense of self-importance is itself no inconsiderable an exquisite pleasure: & that pleasure multiplied &c , which
when creates a portion of happiness that multiplied by the number of persons who experience
it overbalance greatly that share of inconvenience which we see in fact practice occasioned
by the mistaken precipitate interposition of the unqualified unskilful. —
these advantages in great measure assimilate this
nation to the Grecian republics where the sense public
Interest was so remarkably diffused.

The suscitia reipublica at aliena does not attain him
and France where people were of some education
appear absolutely devoid of all interest in the mann whatsorelates
to the manner in which they were governed.

By the q Drunkenness and the diseases consequent upon it at a pretty recent period were so general among
the bulk of the people of the Metropolis as to become a national object —
An unskilful Legislature would have combated the evil by some atrocious
Law — What would have been the consequence? the a few victims to their own weakness and the folly of their
Governors would have fallen, compassion for their fate would have kept the Law thenceforward
unexecuted and the Evil would have remained — a skilful Legislature
put lifted the means of mischief a little out of the people's reach, and it
abated. a foolish Nurse will leave a Child alone in a room with
near a fire in it, & threaten it with a severe whipping in a case of it's falling in - she quits the Child and it burns itself — A wise Nurse spares herr threats, but guards the fire with a circle — & the Child is safe.


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