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Of the one we may say pronounce with certainty that they are conscientious [men]: of the
other we can only say, we hope they are so.

Unwilling to think so I cannot say it <add>so should</add> of this or of that man that he prevaricates; but when I
consider the thousand opinions that may and have been formed concerning the
whole System or its respective parts of which thousand this is but one,
it is impossible for me not to confess [but] that is a thousand to one but
that he does so.

Thus of the twenty-six Bishops if I am asked concerning my opinion of
the character of each one separately; I may answer from my personal experience
or hearingobservation of the his good morals
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esteem him: but I cannot say so collectively of the whole order: more for for the reason abovementioned I cannot but conclude that there are at least twenty-five
who have utter'd a solemn falshood prevarication among them: this render the which may be of that that one may be
number I do not fix the charge upon any one in particular.

Thus it is and while subscription continues must ever be with respect to
Clergymen in general, their Idea must ever come <add>at first into my mind</add> be accompanied with the Idea of
disingenuity: a standing [and reasonable] prejudice more to be lamented
than blamed must subsist in the mind of every reasonable man against the
order in general and every member of it in particular, not to be cured to be cured if at all by a
particular and intimate experience of his Character.

In this respect, they must ever under the present situation of things, occupy
a station in such a man's esteem inferior to the rest of the world]

Equal to the rest of the world as touching their integrity; they would be superior to
the rest of the world as touching their knowledge.

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