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Lots] If no Churchwarden, a person deputed by the this quarters principal Officiating
Minister, if no such person deputed the Parish
Clerk if no Parish Clerk a person chosen by the
majority of the Parishioners be Steward or President
and have a white wand as the Symbol of his Office

That if any person profanely curse or swear utter an indecent word strike or offer to fight or be intoxicated the President
with the concurrence of any three Parishioners
may sentence him to the Stocks or to exclusion from the
Sports for any time not exceeding Months: but the offender
may elect to commute by such Time as shall be imposed in like
manner not exceeding 5. + + should the Time have first been assessed or not before he has made his Election?
That the President with the concurrence of any three
of his nomination may at any time dissolve the Assembly by breaking
his Wand after which if any all persons do not disperse
within a quarter of an hour it shall be an offence
indictable as a Riot.

As it will often happen that the Sport will be stopped
by ill weather - it may be lawful for the President with
the assent of the Parishioners to the meeting in or adjourn it the
meeting to the Church: where the some book of instruction
calculated for the furtherance of knowledge & improvement of life & manners
and innocent entertainment may be read in manner following
of which a Catalogue may be formed; with power to the
Justices of Peace in Quarter Sessions to license any other
The qualities which should be united in such Books are that
they be 1st innocent — 2d entertaining instructive: 3dly instructive levelled (as
near as may be consistently with the two former qualities) to
the instruction understandings of the hearers — 4th entertaining — for this
being the only motive to induce them to become so, if this
were wanting, there had as good be none at all.
Example of a Catalogue - Gilpin's lives of the Reformers do of Bishop Latimer
do of Bernard Gilpin — Goldsmith's Histy of England
Adventurer — Rambler — Clarissa Harlowe — Vicar of
Wakefield — Burnet's Histy of Reformation abridged — Examples in vindication St Stephen's Chapel Rolls Chapel Assemblies frequent in Churches for settling of pecuniary affairs —

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